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The next update to ESO was officially revealed today in a Twitch stream that was heavily hyped by Zeni. While we were aware that the next update was going to include Vvardenfell - which seemed to be confirmed by the "volcanic" promotional images they te… more »
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I'm back again with another game review post. Well, not a review, since I've not finished it and couldn't tell you if it sucked or not, but it's an overview and my impressions. I love those old turn-based RPGs, and I have plenty of memories of playing… more »
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Greetings, blog readers! It's been a while since I've posted a blog, and I decided after a productive month of making 17 blogs for another blog, I figured it was about time to make one for this site! We're in a bit of a lull between Elder Scrolls games… more »
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Finally, ESO gets one thing that players have been asking for since before the game's launch: player housing.  The "Homestead" update arrives in February, and it will be a free update for everyone, not DLC.  It won't be on the PTS until sometime in Janu… more »
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Elder Scrolls Online launched their extremely controversial Crown Crates this week. After having followed this on the PTs and deciding to give it a shot with some of the Crowns I still had sitting around, I thought I'd share what I think about it and my… more »