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Amazon Studios, which is the studio half of Amazon Instant Video, released 10 new pilots last week for everyone to watch, rate, and choose from. This is part of their new strategy to replace TV, but more importantly, replace Netflix as the hub of all or… more »
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Why are all the good TV shows always cancelled? I heard of a show called "Firefly" about Mal Reynolds and his crew of a ship called Serenity. The series follows the lives of the crew after it's been altered by the joining of two siblings, Simon and Riv… more »
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I think it was about 18 months ago, or it might have been even longer, that Timenn and I were chatting in IRC about books. It turned out we both share similar interests in fiction so were swapping titles to give each other a few new items for their wish… more »
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I'm British. That makes this a difficult admission, but frankly it's impossible to hold out any longer. Americans make better TV than we do. This probably won't come as any great shock to the majority of people reading this, but it's only within my lif… more »
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Hey there readers! In order to keep up with the minor tradition, here is what I am playing at the moment. Nothing! I know, it is rather upsetting, but my 360 received the infamous red ring of death way back in March. I haven't been able to get a new… more »