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That's Three for Three As I wait to be embarrassed by my previous prediction that the next Elder Scrolls game will be revealed on a very specific date, I'm going to raise the stakes on my previous guess by claiming I have successfully guessed what the… more »
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The Scrolls Reveal To Us The Date Still Unknown... I feel like Bethesda has personally challenged us. Dave Humphrey, our owner, founder, and all around cool guy, mentioned that some developers at Zenimax jokingly said to him that they were worried we m… more »
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So, Jeancey tossed me the reins of the XB1 NA branch of the more »
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The United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits have begun their Xbox One expedition on the North American server! To join, send an in-game message to DarkSoup, aka Jeancey (hail, Doyen!), or leave a message on the talk page, or in the UESP guild forums. Re… more »
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According to the enigmatic Daveh, the UESP is turning twenty years old! How exactly we're going to mark this occasion is still pending, but it's amazing how far it has come. The site itself just went through a few upgrades, and tweaks are stilling bein… more »