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Playing Games

Playing Games

  12:34:00 pm, by Daveh   , 287 words  
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I've always liked the "What we're playing" regular section on the Bethesda Blog (a definite regular read if you are an Elder Scrolls or Bethesda fan) so I will occasionally do a similar post of what I've been playing lately.

  • Fallout 3 -- I've recently purchased the last 2 or 3 DLCs and am currently finishing up Broken Steel. While the game and its DLCs have its fair share of critics I've immensely enjoyed all of them.
  • Majesty 2 -- A game/series I wasn't at all familiar with until I read about on the Bethesda Blog, I've been playing this game on my laptop when traveling. Its a fun little casual strategy game which is perfect as I've never been very good at complex strategy games. I'll also have to look into the original Majesty which fans of the series appear to think is the better of the two.
  • Everquest -- I don't play nearly as much EQ as I used to but there's been a few recent content additions to the game that I'm gone and checked out. Typically I'm three-boxing when I play which I know is terribly anti-social of me but is by far the least stressful mode of playing. I tried a pickup group the other day which was basically two hours of me thinking "What are you doing?!?".

I haven't seen any games coming out in the near future that particularly interest me other than the new Wolfenstein which looks mildly entertaining. I only feel slightly guilty of having no Elder Scrolls titles in the above list. I did restart Oblivion a few months ago playing a magic based character (all my previous characters were stealth/warrior based) which I'll have to pick up again.



Comment from: Dlarsh [Visitor]

If you’re looking for a interesting upcoming game, might I suggest checking out Dragon Age: Origins by Bioware (makers of Star Wars: KOTOR, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect). It comes out 11/3/2009 and looks like an intense fantasy RPG.

10/02/09 @ 04:21 pm
Comment from: Daveh [Member]

Thanks for the tip about Dragon Age: Origins (http://dragonage.bioware.com/). Looks like something I’ll enjoy.

10/02/09 @ 10:10 pm
Comment from: Dlarsh [Visitor]

There are a few others that I think look interesting, but that one’s near the top.

10/04/09 @ 01:37 am
Comment from: ThePatster [Visitor]

Bioware has some of the best rpgs:

Baldur’s Gate I and II
Jade Empire
Icewind Dale I and II
Planescape Torment

and I think Fallout was also one of theirs?

10/04/09 @ 05:35 pm
Comment from: Daveh [Member]

I had to look it up to check: Bioware created the Baldur’s/Icewind series but they were published by Interplay. Interplay also published Fallout 1/2 which were created by Black Isles. All three companies had a bunch of great games.

10/04/09 @ 06:43 pm
Comment from: Dominic [Visitor]

I have to say… even though I didn’t get all that far into Majesty, I still had an enjoyable time playing it. I bought Majesty 2 the day after it was released, tried it once, and found it unplayable mostly due to the abysmal hero AI. I’ll have to see if it’s been patched since release, but it’ll take a significant patch to bring me back to the game.

10/14/09 @ 12:04 pm
Club Penguin Glitches

Just found your site and I’ll be back.
I’, still playing Quake III. cheers

12/10/09 @ 03:00 am
Comment from: Sandy [Visitor]

Thanks for the post! I’m always searching for more uhmm hmm….blackhat ideas…

12/20/09 @ 10:36 pm

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