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Eshe-is-playing, Eshe lists!

Eshe-is-playing, Eshe lists!

  07:27:39 pm, by Eshe   , 230 words  
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I've been trying to come up with something to write about, so I thought I would play off Daveh's "what we're playing" post and see where it gets me. My list is short. Are you ready?

  • Mirror's Edge: This is the only game I've really played in the last couple of months. Now, I'll admit the game has a lot of problems, like the combat. I can take 30 bullets and still run a kajillion miles an hour, but three hits to the face with a rifle butt and I'm dead? Are you serious? But even with those problems, I've enjoyed this game immensely ever since it came out. It's a unique and well-executed idea, the design is great, the music is awesome, and most importantly, it's really fun.

I told you it was a short list. And because it's so pathetically short, I'm going to supplement it with my Top Five Games of All Time!

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. Xenogears
  3. Final Fantasy XII
  4. Final Fantasy X
  5. Kingdom Hearts

Yeah, I'm kind of a Final Fantasy nerd, but don't hold it against me &#59;). I'd actually never heard of FF until I was about 13, so believe me when I say I've played a lot of other games too!

Other games I play often but don't make the list include: Dragon Quest VIII, Portal, Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, and the Legend of Zelda Series.



Comment from: MindFever [Visitor]  

Indeed,Final Fantasy VII is realy good… me too btw,started playing FF when i was something like 13 or 14. Blew my mind (the story) … heheh
But i have to disagree on the 10th and 12th part of FF.I don’t like the new ones,since it doesn’t have the feeling of the Final Fantasy (till FF IX) games as it should have.Also,i realy hate the fact that the characters now speak with a true voice. I liked the fact that you had to “read” their lines and speeches; you could then immagine their voice and it dragged you full-immersion in the story. The others Final Fantasy i like most (AFTER FF VII) is FF: IX. This was seriously well done,for my taste.I enjoyed FF VIII too: had a great story(even better than the 7th,if u ask me),but had a strange combat system.
I liked every FF game till IX,but if i had to rate them,i would putt them in the following order:

1. Final Fantasy IX & VII (PSX/PC)

2. Final Fantasy VI & V (PSX remakes,SNES)

3. Final Fantasy VIII (if it didn’t have a weird combat system,i would have putt it in 2nd place) (PC)

4. Final Fantasy Tactics / Final Fantasy II (that is FF IV…the “dark palladin turned good” story is just awesome)

5. Final Fantasy Origins (5th place,because i only played it once,so i have no clue how “realy” good it is.It has a remake of FF1… and FF 2,but i already played the 2nd one)

I just can’t choose 5 games for the all time favs,but i certainly would putt something like Oblivion/Morrowind,Rome:Total War/Medieval 2:Total war),Disciples II (A MUST HAVE!), Neverwinter Nights (…and maybe NwN2 - but i don’t know it well,since i only started playing it.I don’t like the fact you have more characters to command.Micro-management is not so fun in this game)
Also…Civilizations 3, Flight Simulator 2004 pro, Falcon 4.0 : Allied Force, Diabl0 2 , Dungeon Siege 2, Warcraft 2/3… and the list could go on.

And there are others too.Alot of good games that i played would share the 1st place.The second place would also go to more than one game…and for the third place ,same story.Seriously,i look at them with different points of view and i can’t decide which one i enjoyed more than the other (since the genre varies so much)

I will quiet myself now :D (sorry for the long text)

10/06/09 @ 09:42 am
Comment from: Dlarsh [Visitor]

Finally, someone else who enjoyed FF XII. I’m actually in the middle of a pre-XIII FF run through of I-X, XII, and Tactics (in place of XI). Currently on FFIII (DS) and I’m slightly annoyed at the more childish nature of the game. At least IV is fairly dark.

Your list actually looks alot like my own though :).

10/06/09 @ 06:10 pm
Comment from: Troy [Visitor]  

Ya Mirrors Edge kicks rear end buddy (minus the crappy combat)!!!! I’m currently an OBLIVION nerd and I’m also doing a little Fable-ing as we speak!

10/06/09 @ 07:23 pm
Comment from: Daveh [Member]

Strangely I’ve never tried a Final Fantasy game despite being a RPG aficionado. Perhaps I’ll have to try one of them one of these days.

10/06/09 @ 08:41 pm
Comment from: Eshe [Member]

Fable is also fun! I played the PC version a while back and quite enjoyed myself.

Also, it sounds like you guys have played more of the FF series than I have. I’ve only played VII, VIII, X, X-2, and XII. I’ve been told that VI and IX are must-plays, but I just haven’t had time yet!

10/11/09 @ 11:32 am

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