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I may need help...

I may need help...

  06:22:27 pm, by Daveh   , 60 words  
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As you can see from the picture below, I may very well need professional help:

I decided a while ago to go ahead and order the custom plates and finally got around to getting to the driver's bureau and putting them on my car. Feel free to give a friendly honk if you happen to see me driving around Toronto.



Comment from: Oleh [Visitor]

yeee boiii hahah nice :P

10/18/09 @ 11:08 pm
Comment from: Ratwar [Member]

You are amazing.

10/19/09 @ 04:07 pm
Comment from: Timenn [Member]

Judging from public opinion, I suspect there will be more people now who will give you the right of way, though there may be a few who would try to run you off the road instead. ;)

10/19/09 @ 05:15 pm
Comment from: Daveh [Member]

Thanks all, although I am drawing the line at the license plate. No UESP tattoo just yet…:)

10/19/09 @ 08:29 pm
Comment from: Ratwar [Member]

What, you don’t think the UESP sword would look manly?

10/19/09 @ 09:47 pm
Comment from: Elliot [Member]


10/21/09 @ 11:04 am
Comment from: Atreus [Visitor]  

You, sir, are a god amongst men.

10/22/09 @ 12:53 pm
Comment from: Monoloth [Visitor]

Oh dear God. This made my day.

11/02/09 @ 02:20 pm
Club Penguin Secrets

Too funny! I’ll give a honk if i see ya, hahaha.

12/09/09 @ 10:05 am

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