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What I'm Playing....

What I'm Playing....

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To try and keep up with Bethesda's latest What We're Playing here's a short list of what I've been entertaining myself with lately:

  • Wolfenstein -- I picked this up shortly after my last playing list and finished it last week. A fun enough game well worth my money but the reviews of the game I've read pretty much nailed the good and bad of the game. Its a decent FPS with a twist (veil "magic") and some great boss fights but I think it tried to take itself too seriously and force the plot onto you by overly long and complex cut scenes. A simpler and less serious "you're a hero, kill Nazis" plot would have worked just as well, like in the very original.

Ok, a *really* short list but I tend to focus on one game at a time, particularily when it involves having to swap DVDs. I'm not sure how all those folks at Bethesda have time to play all those games. I suppose it helps when you're working in the gaming industry so playing games can be considered "research". If only I could figure a way of convincing people at work that playing Oblivion is somehow relevant to electromagnetic non-destructive testing.


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Comment from: Eshe [Member]

Appeal to their egos? “But guys, EVERYTHING is relevant to electromagnetic non-destructive testing!” ;)

10/20/09 @ 01:23 pm

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