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What I'm playing...

What I'm playing...

  12:11:02 pm, by Elliot   , 248 words  
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In light of my recent birthday, I have attained a PS3. So here is what I am currently playing:

  • Fallout 3: I managed to get my hands on the Game of the Year edition that came out on the thirteenth. Although, I haven't started any of the DLCs yet. I have read in places that the DLC on the PS3 does not work, so here's to hoping! Oh, and this game is just simply amazing, if you haven't bought/played it.
  • Oblivion: Do I really have to explain this one? :D It's nice to finally return to Cyrodiil and talk about mudcrabs!
  • Assassin's Creed: I was a little thrown off when it I found out the game is set on the premise of reliving the ancestors life... it seems really... Matrix-y to me. I have enjoyed what I have played so far, so I hope it keeps going well.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: This is easily one of my all-time favorite games. It is a masterpiece that builds on the shortcomings of the games before it (I don't care what you say, San Andreas sucked). And plus, I can spend hours just driving around... Liberty City (aka New York). This game just makes me smile (although the fighting could be a little bit better).

I plan on getting more games soon. Ones that I have my eye on are the Uncharted Series and Assassin's Creed II. Any good games that are PS3-platform specific that I should look into?



Comment from: Dlarsh [Visitor]

Definately go for the uncharted series, it’s a must play for anyone with a PS3. Other exclusive titles I would recommend are InFamous and Heavenly Sword. Both are well worth the price (though you may consider renting Heavenly Sword, it’s surprisingly short).

10/21/09 @ 02:43 pm
Comment from: Troy [Visitor]

DUDE!!! We are playing indentical games! Sweet!!! I’m also play Fable 2 though.

10/21/09 @ 10:48 pm
Comment from: Elliot [Member]

I have Fable 2 for my [broken] 360. Never really liked it though.

10/22/09 @ 08:56 am
Comment from: Atreus [Visitor]  

i’ve played the same games as you :O
big surprise there
though, AC is kidna meh. beautiful game, but meh.

10/22/09 @ 12:52 pm
Comment from: Troy [Visitor]

I LOVE all the Fable games but I see how some people might not like them Elliot. Also, I agree with Atreus, AC is the gorgeous game but the story line is pretty shallow and the side missions can get VERY repetitive. I’m looking forward to AC2 to see if they fixed any of these problems.

10/22/09 @ 08:22 pm
Comment from: Cactus [Visitor]  

As a PS3 user I can assure you all DLC works perfectly outside a few bugs. I’d suggest checking out The Vault first, but for the most part the bugs aren’t any different or worse than the other versions, so really everyone should do that.

Another game that’s completely brilliant and PS3-exclusive is Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s absolutely.. magnificent. I love that game, so so much. Perhaps one of my favourite games of all time. I will say this though, I’d suggest at least researching some history or play the older games first otherwise it will severely lessen the experiance.

10/23/09 @ 07:20 pm
Comment from: Mutated [Member]


Also, I want to heartily agree with Cactus’ recommendation of MGS4, that game is great fun, and I haven’t played any Metal Gears prior (though I kind of know what happened).

10/23/09 @ 11:49 pm
Comment from: [Member]

i felt the same about assassins creed initially, with that said though i picked up mass effect the same day and ac did not see the inside of my 360 for about 6 months lol

10/28/09 @ 04:05 am

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