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Playing Games (New Year Edition)

Playing Games (New Year Edition)

  11:18:07 pm, by Daveh   , 360 words  
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To start off the new year I'll begin with what game I've been playing lately, although it might more accurately be titled "Games I'm Not Playing" as my playing time has been limited the past few months with the holidays and work.

  • Wolfenstein -- As I mentioned in the last column, I did pick up this game and play through it relatively quickly. As a FPS I would rate it about average or perhaps slightly above average as I did begin to play through it again at a higher difficulty level.
  • Dragon Age Origins -- I started playing this game on my laptop while working on the road which diminished my enjoyment of the game as it was barely playable. I restarted playing briefly on my desktop computer before Christmas but have yet to continue it and am far from finishing it.
  • Dwarf Fortress -- If you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Dwarf Fortress I would recommend quickly checking it out. While it is an ASCII text game it has an incredible depth and complexity that you don't find in typical strategy/resource games. If you don't mind the inconsistent interface or having your dwarves being eaten by carp occasionally I would suggest trying it out. Be sure to check out the tutorials in the wiki as there is a significant learning curve. Just remember the DF motto: Losing is Fun!

    I've been chronicling my most recent attempt largely for the amusement of others although I've had pretty good luck as the game goes so far. No dwarf-eating carp, elephants or lava yet (just a few wolves, cougars, and moods). I'm currently trying to get a little further than I've previously gotten to in the game including some experimenting with magma, if I can ever find it in the map anyways.

I haven't had much time to see what new games being released this year I might be interested in. There is, of course, Fallout: New Vegas whenever it is released and Diablo 3 might be this year as well. Besides that there is the continuing hope that Bethesda releases some news of ES5 sometime this year as well.



Comment from: Dobablo [Visitor]

I really hate you and those Dwarves. Talk about a game that eats up the days. I’ll spend hours playing without even noticing it. Then the Dwarves do something silly and I’ll notice I have to go to work in a couple of hours time.

02/02/10 @ 08:37 am
Comment from: [Member]

hey does anyone know if there gona make any more downloadable content for the ps3 or 360 for oblvion i love the game but i’ve long ran outa new things to do

02/21/10 @ 11:06 am

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