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Steam's Potato Sack Part 2

Steam's Potato Sack Part 2

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Time for the next set of three games from the Potato Sack. See here for part one if you missed it. It's worth saying that I'm not trying to write proper reviews: I'm writing down my initial feelings after playing the game for a few minutes (or as long as I can stand it, in one or two cases). Last time I picked a game I hated, one I liked, and one somewhere in the middle so let's try that again.

1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)
Yes, that's the game's name - and a more stupid name for a game I have never heard. Like last time's "AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity", this one is by Dejobaan games, and I hate this game even more than I hated that one. The first five times I tried to load it, it gave me an error screen saying that Steam was down. No buttons on it, no close box, nothing. Luckily, ALT-F4 worked but this was hardly a great start. Eventually I got the thing to load and found that just about everything was covered with messages saying that the game was still under development. After fighting my way through those, I discovered that the game is basically the same as the other one except there's some way of linking your music to it. I played for two minutes before becoming so sick of it that I quit. Why do people release garbage like this?

Toki Tori
The first of two games from Two Tribes software. This one is basically a platformer and I have to confess that I didn't play it for too long, partly because I grew out of platform games with Jet Set Willy, and partly because it's far too cute. You play something that looks like an egg with wings and feet, and collect other eggs to complete each level. To help you, you can build bridges, use other items and gain weapons to kill the baddies on each level. I didn't get past the bridges though because the music drove me nutty, even if I turned it right down, and the constant cuteness was just wearing. I can't help think that this is a game my 5 year old niece would like and that it really isn't suitable for 37 year olds. Check out the website if you're interested. To be fair, it seems fairly well-done, and I'll try it on my sister's kids next time I see them and see what they think.

Like last time's Cogs, we have a logic game as a winner. RUSH is even better than Cogs, though, because it doesn't have a timer going - something that I always find a bit annoying. In this game, each level consists of a 3D landscape made up of featureless white blocks. In this scape are one or more tiles that produce coloured blocks, and other tiles to which these blocks must be guided. Once a block is created, it moves in one direction until it hits a wall whereupon it turns to the right. You have other tiles, which cause the blocks to change direction, pause for a moment, slide to one side without changing direction, and one or two other, more complex things. The tutorial is incredibly helpful, and then the game is split into easy, medium and hard levels to make playing a learning process. And wow, is it a learning process. The easy levels are all pretty easy, which is how I guess they got the name, but some of the medium ones are already damn hard, and having unlocked the hard levels, I'm struggling to work out where to begin on most of them. The absence of timer, however, means you can take your time working through a solution, and there are a pair of Hint buttons if you get really stuck. I've played this game for longer than any other except Amnesia, so it's definitely doing something right. Again, if you don't like logic puzzles it might not be for you but I love it.


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