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Three's a Crowd

Three's a Crowd

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I mentioned at the end of April that the end of the year was going to be a busy one because both TESV: Skyrim and X: Rebirth were coming out then. Well now Saints Row: The Third makes it a perfect trilogy of games that use a colon in their titles and that I want to play.

I never played the original Saints Row, but picked up Saints Row 2 after it got a Yahtzee review that was so positive he later described it as an overlong marriage proposal. It wasn't a very realistic game, but it gave several hours of utterly mindless fun and was well worth the money. Saints Row: The Third looks like it keeps the mindless fun while ratcheting up the graphics quality by some distance. The game is due out (in the US) on November 15, which probably means we'll get it a week or so later in Europe.

The full gameplay trailer is available here (warning - lots of violence), but for a better feeling of the sense of humour that the previous game had, take a look at the initial trailer, released on April 1.


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