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Saturday with Snowmane #1

Saturday with Snowmane #1

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Am I allowed to claim individual days? I doubt anyone would complain, so I am claiming Saturday as my day to post new blog posts. :p

There's not a whole lot eventful going on. I can proudly say that I can now call my first fanfiction a finished product. Only other thing of note is that I've been playing more EU3.

I swear every post is NOT going to be about EU3, but it's such a great game that I will post one last time about it.

I spent next decade after where my first post trailed off continuing work to stabilize my economy, and I am now consistently gaining +100 ducats a year after all my expenses are taken care of, and it's nice to have money for a change. In all my other play-throughs, I've been too aggressive, since I didn't (still don't) understand all the intricacies of the game, and would fall back on the desire to rapidly raise an army and march to victory like in real time strategy games such as Age of Empires.

I have been trying to avoid European wars, but I've been looking around, and I've decided that I wanted to get into a few smaller wars and systematically create a system of vassals, since there are always issues in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe.

My first target was a three province kingdom known as Siena, in central Italy, which was recently excommunicated by the Pope, giving me a free casus belli against them. In the five year Castille-Siena Excommunication War, as the game's history books put it as, I was able to sucessfully land an invasion force of twenty thousand men on the Italian peninsula and in no time at all, I was in control of the country, and able to force vassalization of Siena.

With Siena out of the way, I diverted my efforts into marching into Eastern Europe to engage the armies of Bohemia, who was the alliance leader of the enemy after joining the war in Siena's defense. It took another year or two of combat, but I took over Bohemia with little resistance, thanks to their war against nearby Austria softening them up. Unfortunately, they were too large of a country to vassalize, they had no money left for me to force them to pay me, and I had zero interest in outright annexing a handful of countries so far out of the way and calling them "Castille", so I was really only able to force them to annul their treaties with the other nations they were allied to, which wasn't that great of a treaty, in my opinion.

There were three other nations involved in the war, but save for Holland (who wisely stayed in Northern Europe and didn't invade me), they were One Province Minors (OPM), and all landlocked, so I didn't care enough to do anything to them. I just let them continue to sit there being insignificant to the war and then they surrendered alongside their Alliance Leader Bohemia with the signing of the treaty calling off the war.

The next decade of the game was spent allowing war exhaustion to deplete and making some more money, because the war was drawn out so long that I had to take a loan to continue maintaining my army at its fullest fighting capacity while recruiting more men to make up for the loses.

That's my whole EU3 experience for the last session of play. More trading and economic work, a few minor royal marriages, and the vassalization of an Italian nation. Oh, and my king died, leaving his heir with a weak claim to the throne to take over the nation, although his claim won't be an issue, and it will be gradually rising each year thanks to my prestige, his father's strong claim, etc.

I've also been playing a little Grand Theft Auto lately. Not any of the new ones, just III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The games were pretty cheap to download, so I decided "Why not?" and I got them.

Except for San Andreas, I haven't really played them long enough to present an opinion on them, so that's a post for the next "Saturday with Snowmane". Unless something more interesting than the games I am playing comes up. Then, we would talk about that. Unless it's politics. Or religion. I can't stand either of them, since it's always such a touchy subject.

I'm rambling now, so I should probably leave now haha. Bye! :)


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