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The Purpose of Gaming? (drunken musings are fun)

The Purpose of Gaming? (drunken musings are fun)

  06:57:06 pm, by Damon   , 363 words  
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Two posts within days of each other! Won't happen again, but this is something I've been pondering recently: Why do we play games? In fact, this could apply to many things, such as movies, music, books, and so on. I've always been curious what is so enthralling about modern media?

Ever since art, ranging from painting to books to movies and games, there has always been an effort to put you into the world that piece wants to convey. At first, games were popular as a novelty, then as they became more mainstream and used to kill time, were used more and more often, and some people can spend hours at a time at a game. Why is that?

For me, and I am sure that many people agree with me, the reason I game or listen to that perfect song that tells the perfect story, or re-read that well written novel is because I want to escape.

Escapism. To lose myself in a world of fantasy that is far from what the normal world would present to me. To experience a novel life not experienced normally and to be what I want to be and live how I want to. To escape from the mundane, and become the supernatural. Even the worst case scenario in a video game still portrays a certain... Feeling. It's one of those hard to explain things, that you know is there, but can't logically explain. It's a beautiful, yet strange concept, being able to plug in to another world and be told a story alongside a series of pixels and code lines that make up a poor smith or a king, and feel like you belong.

I know what I want to say, but I am half asleep and wanting beer, so I probably don't make sense, and I definitely don't know how to say this. I normally close my posts to comments because of spam and stuff, but I'll leave them open. I am curious why people play games, why we seek escapism over real life, and so on and so forth.

The various inebriating substances are calling me, so I'm out for a while. Later.


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