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Runnin' low on ammo here, sir!

Runnin' low on ammo here, sir!

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So, a while ago, I posted why I felt like the story to Fallout 3 disappointed me. I know what the plot is, or at least have a really good idea where it's going (actually, I may have looked up online how it ended), and while the story as a whole was good, it felt too rigid in terms of roleplaying, despite Bethesda's excellent skill at making games appear open and roleplayable (indeed, most games they make are roleplayable in more ways than just one.

However, for the sake of the story, I decided I wanted to play the game with a fresh character and completely finish the story, just to give the game a fair shot over New Vegas, which I feel was a better game (and one I've actually completed... Many times). Here's a brief little observation I've noted:

Is it just me, or are caps and bullets in shorter supply in Fallout 3? It could just be me being a bad player with less time in F3, meaning I lack knowledge of where everything is at, unlike in F:NV.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, I mean. I feel it adds to the wasteland experience and the feel like you are trying to survive a post-apocalypse when you're short on money often, and you have to make every shot count.

Of course, on the other hand, the Las Vegas area was largely spared from nuclear armageddon, by House's anti-air defences, so the cities are still (somewhat) in-tact, and there is a feel of civilisation still (and gambling chips, NCR paper, and Legion coins as extra currency make it money in better supply, miserable exchange rates aside), and with that better hold on civilisation, there are additional services in the area like well stocked gun sellers, meaning that it makes sense that there can be everything in better supply, though it's still slightly less fun than having an ammo shortage.

There we go... I prefer Fallout: New Vegas over Fallout 3 generally, but this struggle to have money to meet your basic living needs in Fallout 3 does add to the feel of having to survive, which is more entertaining for me.

And, I have something else that's been bugging me. I saw on the Bethesda fora, specifically within the Fallout section (Duh, it's Fallout related), that numerous people complain that despite two hundred years of surviving the apocalypse, nobody had fixed up the buildings to appear as they would pre-war, opting to live in shanty towns on crappy roads...

I just want to point out that given that there were presumably at least two to three generations of people focusing purely on adapting and surviving the wastes, the art of paving roads with a machine probably fell off the radar, and when the people of Fallout 3 came along, they didn't know how to use the rusted, 200 year old pieces of machinery, nor were they necessarily functional.

For me, it makes perfect sense that less important things like roads would become less important when there are few cars (I say few, because I know that in Fallout: Tactics the Brotherhood of Steel shows they possess the know-how to rebuild and operate vehicles - presumably other people in other regions can too, though I don't know if that is demonstrated within any games), who have to use them, and the main focus is staying within your safe area and community to feed yourself and make a safe, permanent structure. Not to mention there's no guarantee the asphalt place even works, nor would the average joe know how to make it.

It's Survival 101, really. You don't exert unnecessarily calories and energy on a task that will not offer enough reward to make up for the energy output. While many appear to disagree with me and want to see a settlement completely perfect after 200+ years, judging from the forum responses to these various threads, I feel like there ought not be a solid settlement so soon, unless there were a particularly remarkable community somewhere, who happened to survive apocalypse, keep knowledge of pre-war technology, and were able to operate spared machinery that was saved and maintained... Meaning it's pretty much just the Brotherhood of Steel who could do it, though they've certainly got better things to do than help the common person... Selfish bastards.

Anyway, that's my random set of thoughts on Fallout.

And, here's some random fun facts: Using the Blog Archive button to look at old posts, I noticed that 2013 was the most prolific year for bloggers, with most of the year being posted during, save for May and June, and this month, January 2014, has more individual posts than the past months. Hooray for random facts!

I'm going now.


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