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Damon's New Blog Post (Can't think of a creative title)

Damon's New Blog Post (Can't think of a creative title)

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While playing Baldur's Gate, I was contemplating what the revival of a character meant for roleplaying purposes, and I started to think a little broader than just the game. This has lead me to come up with several questions:

If we possessed arcane abilities and were capable of resurrecting a recently deceased person, should we? Does a spirit, for lack of a better term, remember their death and circumstances related to it upon being reunited with their body? Have we just agonised them with the simple act of using such arcane power to force their spirit from whatever afterlife exists in order to make it bind with its corpse again?

Honestly, it can be argued either way, and this comes across as being one of those many deep, controversial debates regarding ethics and morals. I, at least, feel like the ability to cheat death shouldn't be taken lightly, and is in essence no different than necromantic magic, no matter how honourable the intent is. 

While it could be argued that a cleric restoring life to the deceased to live their life as they wish is different than a sorcerer reviving the deceased to serve as their servant, looking at the processes, it's fundamentally the same. Without giving specifics on the process, since there is no way at all that man in its current state could know or possess such ability, what's the difference? A person or creature's spirit has been separated from their body, and willingly or unwillingly, depending on how such a process works, would be rejoined with a corpse that the performer has selected, typically their own in the case of a holy cleric, for example.

We are also looking at the cheapening of the experience of life. Why would life be experienced to the fullest and treated as the special thing it is when you can redo whatever you failed at?

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