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Zenimax recommends out-of-game trading site

Zenimax recommends out-of-game trading site

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Don't use Twitter? Then you're a good person. Kidding, obviously. I don't know about you, but I'm still hoping this particularly vapid social media fad will die out. Bunch of narcissists, activists with agendas, and generally stupid ... well, twits. No thanks. And by that, I mean that I offer no thanks to the people who infected the world with this crap.

But just so you're aware, Zenimax recommended the TESO Elite forums as the place to go for trading in-game ESO goods. So go see if you can pawn off all your fishing tackle and Coldharbour rags!



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Twitter is a decent way for friends to stay in touch and is a great way for companies to interact with their fans. For example, Ubisoft was asked about the next AC game and they answered it within the same day. If it was on facebook, that post could have been overlooked. It’s same with most publishers and techinically, MMOs are social media. Just because someone uses twitter, it doesn’t automatically mean they are a bad person. It all boils down to the indiviual.

04/11/14 @ 03:45 pm
Comment from: [Member]
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One thing to keep in mind about me is that I tend to exaggerate my disdain for certain things. Far too many people in modern times have skin which is either too thick or too thin. The solution is the same either way: be a big prick, either just to get through to them or else to make them develop a callus.

Anyway, I get why people use Twitter, I just don’t agree. Doesn’t apply to me. For one, I only care to interact with companies in the time and manner of my choosing. Not theirs. When watching Hulu, I’m the kind of guy who will gladly sit through a 3-minute error screen rather than watch 1 minute of ads. It’s stuff someone else is trying to shove into my eyes and ears before I can see or hear whatever it is that I’m really trying to experience. In this day and age, it’s a rather outdated and even rude paradigm, when you stand back and think about it. So essentially, virtually all ads = spam to me. So no way in hell am I ever going to sign up to give a company a direct line into my everyday life, no matter who it is.

As for friends, I don’t need to know how much you enjoyed breakfast, or see the 200th photo of your dog. Twitter is built around conveying the minutia of everyday life that my friends know I couldn’t care less about, and which I disapprove of people sharing over the ether.

I know you’re from across the pond, so here’s something you might not know, something most Americans don’t know or don’t appreciate: there’s no right of privacy in the US Constitution (edit- a few things are explicitly protected, which should go without saying, but the words themselves are never used). The US Supreme Court only really recognizes the expectation of privacy. That means that, literally, the privacy we expect to have as a culture is the privacy that we end up getting. Looking at it from that point of view, do you think it’s wise for Americans to spew every little factoid about their lives onto the Internet? Personally, I find it incredibly irresponsible.

Oh, damn, I promised myself I wouldn’t rant…

04/12/14 @ 01:03 am

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