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Attack of the Bots & E3 News

Attack of the Bots & E3 News

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The International Business Times released a couple articles on the "ESO Bot Plague" and ESO news from E3. (edit- See comments; IBT is apparently rehashing a dated issue here)

ESO director Matt Firor wrote on their forums that the black market activity for the game accounts for about 85% of the customer service calls and emails they've received, and that they've been a little slow to dampen down bot activity. He apparently blames the "huge influx" of feedback about the black market activity for their slow response in dealing with the matter.

So, they haven't had time to make progress against bots, but Zenimax did find the time to make and release another trailer for E3. As far as I know, it doesn't really highlight new content, it's just a general "come see how good we look" E3 trailer (for a game which was released two months ago? Wut?). Turns out I didn't know far enough (wow, that phrase is a disaster). The video apparently focuses on content for small PvP battlegrounds.

The console releases are still expected in late 2014 or early 2015.



Comment from: Jeancey [Member]

I feel like you keep bashing ESO for no reason. Matt Firor posted this on the forum about two and a half weeks after launch. IBT is known for reposting totally irrelevant information at a later date. They HAVE had time now, more than two months after release, and the amount of bots ingame is significantly reduced. Making it seem like they are ignoring the bot issue and working on other things instead is just silly, and seems to be overly critical of the game. You only seem to post the bad things you think about the game. Why not post the article from Massively describing one of the best components of ESO, the story?

Just stop bashing the game. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it. There are legitimate issues with the game, but none of the things you have mentioned in your articles are legitimate issues.

Also, the video is meant for E3 attendees, and is actually about the small scale, 3v3, PvP battlegrounds they created specifically for conventions. So it isn’t just a “come see what we do” video.

06/13/14 @ 08:18 pm
Comment from: [Member]
minor edits

Not for no reason. I search for news on the Elder Scrolls, and these were at the top of the list this time. And if a little criticism can encourage them to focus on the things that actually matter to their consumers (i.e., gameplay experience, not advertising), then it’s worth it, in my opinion. Edit- I have screencaps of my recent searches I can show you, if you really think I’m cherry-picking the negative results.

I’m unaware of IBT’s reputation in this respect, but since the bot issue is also addressed in the E3 news article, I don’t think it was unreasonable for me to conclude that it’s an ongoing issue. And that’s what the article says: it’s an ongoing concern they’re working to address.

Everything I’ve posted has been relevant. I didn’t see Massively’s article. My question is, why didn’t you post it? As I’ve told you before, I’d be delighted to see more positive news on ESO. I’ve been defending it more often than not on the forums. If I’ve given you the impression I have some vendetta against the game, then I apologize.

But indications that the player pool is shrinking is a legitimate matter to address here, as are the other issues I’ve brought up. You don’t like it, answer it. The reviews, for example. You didn’t like the ones I chose to highlight. Well, why not highlight the reviews you think are accurate, and let readers decide for themselves?

If I don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it? I’m sorry, I reject that premise. We’ve discussed previously how the UESP is supposed to keep up with ESO, and the Blog is the logical place to do it. And positive ESO news, negative ESO news; it’s all just ESO news to me. If I saw nothing to criticize, I haven’t, but I don’t believe the UESP Blog should whitewash faults; the very reason that most people seek anything “unofficial” to begin with is to avoid that kind of behavior.

Thank you for clarifying about the E3 video.

Edit- More than once, I’ve refrained from making a blog post because I knew the matter would be addressed in the news section of the main page. It would be duplicative to bring it up here. But if I had made those blog posts, I likely would have had positive things to say. In short, if it seems like I’m focusing on the bad news in this Blog, it’s because I am, in a way. But NOT with malicious intent. I just think the main page news section has “dibs” on the big TES news items, and the big news items are generally positive news items.

06/13/14 @ 08:53 pm
Comment from: [Member]
minor edits

Jeancey, I can’t help but notice that the writer of the Massively article you linked to was (reading between the lines) cajoled into writing a blog focusing on a positive aspect of the game because readers had gotten the impression that he hated the game.

After reading his last couple blog posts on ESO, it seems to me like he was just focusing on the things he thought were noteworthy and newsworthy, and because some of those things he had to say were negative, people got the wrong impression that he was a “hater".

I think that’s exactly what has happened here. I’m not going to go scrounge around for a mollifying puff piece; that would be just as bad as searching specifically for negative news. But WHEN I find something positive, I’ll gladly make a blog for it.

06/13/14 @ 10:19 pm

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