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Lore Lapses, Part VI: Ebonarm

Lore Lapses, Part VI: Ebonarm

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Ebonarm does not make sense.

I just finished a long-overdue update to the Necromancy lore page. Many thanks to Legoless, Hargrimm, and others for your help. I'm looking at starting a new project this weekend, so for now, I'll just incorporate my previous rant about Ebonarm into this series.

Long story short, we haven't heard of Ebonarm since TES II: Daggerfall. In The Elder Scrolls Online, in the one context where Ebonarm should've definitely been mentioned, he was omitted. He was likely abandoned without notice in the days of TES III: Morrowind, and ESO simply made it more apparent that he has been written out of official TES lore.

There are more crackpot theories out there regarding what this means, and maybe we'll get some better resolution to this some day, but for now, that does not make sense! If Ebonarm does not make sense, you must acquit!


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