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Lore Lapses, Part VII: The Mother of Potema

Lore Lapses, Part VII: The Mother of Potema

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The mother of Potema the Wolf Queen doesn't make sense.

It's short and sweet this week. As Potema's lore page says, "Biography of the Wolf Queen gives the name of Potema's mother as Qizara, while the historical fiction The Wolf Queen labels her Quintilla." There's no apparent reason for the discrepancy, but maybe we'll get some enlightenment one day.

Thanks to "Archivist Jimeee" for posing a good question to Abnur Tharn in this week's Q&A!


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Haha, thanks! I really wanted to ask for more details on Vilius Tharn (also mentioned in “House Tharn of Nibenay"), but the question would have been to long, and Fervidius seemed more important.

02/09/15 @ 07:07 am

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