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I'm not a bio-terrorist, I'm a conduit!

I'm not a bio-terrorist, I'm a conduit!

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Man, I am on a roll with this whole "blogging" thing. Between my personal blog that I won't link to and promote as random spam and my game reviews/impressions that I share on the UESP blog, I'm on my 5th blog post in the last week.

Anyway, I want to do an impressions post on the first couple of hours of my first playthrough of Infamous: Second Son on the Playstation 4. This isn't anything more than a disorganised ramble, because I've accumulated about 5 hours on the game, and I've written down my thoughts beforehand... Each time I blog, I make one draft, and that's what I post with little revision. :p

In short, it's a pretty great game. You play as Delsin Rowe, an Akomish Native American living in Washington. He's dressed up like your stereotypical emo brat with a vest full of patches and pins and an beanie, and the story opens up to him vandalising a billboard on his reservation. Very nice start to the game... Just what I wanted to do was play as an emo Indian.

Anyway, he quickly gets found by his brother Reggie, the local sheriff, and Reggie's berating him is interrupted by a Conduit, a being with supernatural powers that I don't understand because I didn't play the previous titles. Anyway, he accidentally gives Delsin some of his powers, and Delsin becomes a conduit with fire powers, and he chases after the Conduit who turned him, because he threatened the tribe, and then the DUP, the Department of Unified Power, which is a bastardly evil military organisation that's occupying Seattle and the surrounding area in an attempt to stamp out the very few remaining conduits (or "bio-terrorists as DUP calls them), shows up, and they attack Betty, an elderly Tribal lady and torture the tribe searching out the conduits in the area, and Delsin resolves to take care of them.

That's the gist of it without spoiling it. I'm not that far into the story, because once I got to Seattle, I started exploring instead of actually doing the missions. The gameplay is gorgeous, it's fluid, and I was quickly doing awesome stuff with his superpowers, which include turning into smoke and using air ducts to fly up to the roof, using parkour free-running to climb, shooting firebombs, etc. It's quite fun.

Delsin actually isn't that bad of a protagonist as far as emo teenagers go. He's got the kind of banter that reminds me of the old Spiderman PS2 games that had witty dialogue in them for about every scenario, and it's actually fun to go tagging, fighting, or doing random things just to hear what he has to say.

The highlight of the game so far has to be climbing up the Space Needle in Seattle and having the big showdown on it with the first real "boss" in the game. The view was amazing up there! It was incredible to look down and see the whole city and see the mountains and the Puget Sound, although the gameplay does not extend beyond the two islands that make up "Seattle".

All in all, though, it's  a fun game, and I thoroughly am enjoying it. Once I finally beat it, there's definitely going to be a review of this, I believe. It's a great game.

Also, as a completely unrelated nostalgia thingy that has no bearing on this game or the UESP, I found an old video I made with one of my mates when we were cooking fries at 3am one night and needed busy work. 

The original idea was to make a full feature film, but as you kno there was a recession and since it was only 2011 our budget was cut, then there was a catastrophic hard-drive failure, so we had to salvage what we had left and make an iMovie template for the trailer... That is, of course, a complete lie, but it's my lie, so I'm telling it the way I want to. This trailer is just rubbish. :)


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