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All hail the Overseer!

All hail the Overseer!

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Citizens of Vault 069, it has been a long time since you've been graced by the company of your beloved Overseer. We were only together for a brief three or four days after the founding of our majestic home on the 13th Day of August last year (damn my being unable to afford an iPhone on my paycheck and having a superior mobile device). It has been a long time since we saw each other, and I must apologise for my departure. However, I bring you good news, because over the last seven months, the good folk at Vault-Tec have updated the Vault's central operating system numerous times, and we now have additional ways to make our lives tolerable and focus on improving our beloved vault.

Therefore, it is with great news that I am pleased to… Oh for the love of God! I was working on this opening speech to my vault citizens as Fallout Shelter downloaded to my phone. It turns out I didn't make a cloud save of the vault, so when I deleted the app from my phone because the initial release got quite boring after the four or five days, it deleted my vault. Therefore, I must make a new vault!


Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations on being prepared for the future! Welcome to Vault 420, a nuclear fallout shelter designed to be the foremost in post apocalyptic security. Here, we will all live happily medicated, everyone will receive free water, food, and board, and in my vault, nobody will be discriminated against. This will be the perfect dystopia where you are all equally worthless to me, aside from being skill numbers to assign to specific jobs in the greater interest of the vault's survival!

Have I sold you on joining Vault 420 and preparing for a better future? Excellent! Sign here, here, here, initial here, and sign your full name beside the X with today's date.

Congratulations! You're now approved to join Vault 420!

Now that my little speech is over, I've decided that it was time for a go at the game again. I haven't had anything interesting to do, and since I'll be moving to a new location shortly, I needed something to occupy my mind on the road in a few days.

I don't normally care for games like this, and they bore me quite quickly, however, I made an exception for Fallout Shelter and I had it downloaded the day it was released to Android. It's now been seven months, and I decided that with numerous updates that looked interesting enough to give a try once more.

So, I will now be playing Fallout Shelter again, and I'll make the biggest, most glorious vault ever. Maybe. Or I could delete the thing in a few days when I get bored. But, in any event, I'll give this game a fair play now that there's more to do in it, and mayybbe there will be a review of the game going up in a week or two, in my bid to have at least one blog post a week up, since nobody else is posting.

TTFN, my friends! xo


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