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Damon's Adventures: Damon plays... err INSTALLS #ESOTU

Damon's Adventures: Damon plays... err INSTALLS #ESOTU

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You know what? I want to propose that either officially or unofficially it becomes a rule to add a “Read More” link to the UESP blog posts after an introductory couple of paragraphs. The blog is so much more manageable to browse when the posts are condensed and the page isn't overrun with information and text, yes? Then why am I the only one who has started doing this?!?

Now, that little complaint aside, there's actually a real reason for this post… The Elder Scrolls Online, and the fact that I've never played it, which can be read after the “Read More” link that you're looking at if you're viewing this from the main page…

There we go, welcome back! The front does look better when this was condensed, yeah?

Anyway, I have some MMO experiences, namely in World of Warcraft… Well, exclusively in WoW, and it's been years since I played an MMO, because I don't play well with other people and have a bit of a loner streak because that's just my personality to avoid being a “team player” and part of groups.

After going through my boxes and bins, because I moved a couple of months ago (and plan to move again soon, hopefully, but that's not the point of the post) I found my WoW battle collection updated to… Wait for it… The Burning Crusade. Which instantly brought back some nostalgic memories of some of the guys and gals I used to run with that I met online and guilded with.

Underneath that, I found my copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, which I bought on payday when I got off my shift at Walmart, because it became TU 3 months prior and I had the spending money. So, screw it, why not give it a run if I'm not paying monthly like with WoW, right? I had intended to install it on the weekend and crack a few beers and give it a go, but didn't get around to it. After waiting a couple of days (I had the Sunday and Monday off, and pay was Thursday) the nostalgic feeling was gone, and I was looking at an expensive 4-disc set that I was dreading installing, because I remembered how long it took to install and patch WoW and how long it took each time an update was pushed that the clients had to take.

Fast forward from circa August of last year, and it's nearly June. I still haven't installed the game, and I found this thing literally with a coat of dust on the case. I decided that since I was bored, it was a now or never moment, and I may as well install it and get over the reluctance to do so, else I'll probably never do it… I mean, I took nearly a year to bother, and all.

So, as I write this, it's been over an hour of installing the CDs, I've finally recently installed disc four of four, and now I need to let it do its thing and then see how bloody long it will take to download the updates that have come in since the game was installed.

It looks like soon, maybe later today or definitely tomorrow, I'll be exploring the wide open-ish world of Tamriel. Depending on how badly I need a mouse and not my crap trackpad on my laptop. Kinda left it behind on the move on accident, and since I plan on being back in my old locale in the near-ish future for a bit, I'll have to pick it up from my sister. And my Chelsea FC coffee mug and that drone that I forgot was under a bed… That was an expensive drone, and I didn't get to fly it since I bought it in fall and it snowed shortly afterward and I didn't want it wet!

Anyway, yeah, that's the gist of the post… I'm finally installing The Elder Scrolls Online and giving it a go… Now to think about what kind of character I want to play as. May as well do it during the install since I tend to spend hours and hours thinking of characters and general ideas of the appearance and so forth!

That's it for now, guys. I'll pop back in… Well, I won't give a predicted time to return. For a game as massive as an MMO, it would take more than the standard dozen hours that I usually give before “impressions” posts, before I feel like I would be confident enough in my assessment of the game to talk in any detail about what I like and dislike about it.

I'm also a bit of a writer, at least in my own head, and while writing my “Damon's Adventures” posts for my first time runs of Skyrim, I got to thinking about serialising, by way of journal entries of sorts, what a first playthrough of a game would be, being able to play in-character as I like to do, but then respond in-game to experiences without knowing beforehand what the outcome was. Seems to me like a more “genuine” response to the events of the game. So, the posts would be basically a first-person POV retelling the events I've blindly experienced in the game, as well as follow-up talking about what I liked, disliked, etc.

This is tentative at the moment, and I'm not sold on it, but after my “ESO First Impressions” post that I'll do in the future, I may start sharing a serialised story of the life of whoever my character will be. Or at least just a couple of posts, and at the end perhaps a link to my personal blog, where I would continue on for another while doing so. Wouldn't want to monopolise the wiki blog with my own postings, which could run into a dozen plus, would we? Although I avoid shameless self-promotion of my own stuff and linking off-site to my own interests. May be worth an exception if I decide to do so. Depending on the reception of the “Damon's Adventures” posts and how much effort they are to come up with.

Geez, I've run out what was supposed to be the ending into another handful of paragraphs… Whoops! TTFN, my friends!

PS. As I was reviewing the content of this blog on my word processor and proof-reading it, the game started updating with patches. Disc-work is done for now, and I'm one step closer to playing ESOTU!


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