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Damon's Adventures, number whatever

Damon's Adventures, number whatever

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Hiya, blog. It's been a good many months since I've written a blog post, and I figured I'd make one because I totally made one on accident by posting a picture of my new ESO character on the UESP Tumblr and I didn't want to share it with no context or comment.

By the way, if you haven't followed us on there, click that link and do so! Likelolwhat and I post content of some kind daily, ranging from the super serious like news, all the way up to silly things like gameplay pictures from us or others, fan art, etc. I reckon it's more active and more fun than the other social networking pages!

Anyway, I made those ESO posts back in June, and I literally stopped playing right after that, although not intentionally. Anyway, I've got the urge to deal with gaming with other people again, and I figured I'd make a new character, relearn all the controls and give it a fair go and get past the tutorial zones.

I got into the character creation window to make a new character, and I spent an hour in the thing, completely on accident, because I was spending forever and ever tweaking sliders and letting a story for the character form in my head. I love finding a story to tell, even if it’s only ever in my head and never to someone else, so I end up accidentally looking at all of the design choices I could make to a character in any RPG and deciding what his life story was and what got the character, in this case a Nord Templar named Jorgeir Stormblade, to become the man he was and looks like.

I started with the body marks, and I was looking at cosmetic changes I could make that could influence overall appearance, and I found that large burn across the character’s left side of their torso and face, and that look just clicked in with me as something that looked cool, so I kept in and started tweaking his body size from being smaller and slender to a bit bulkier. Muscular, but with a hint of beer-belly, like he’s about to tip from heroic to drunk.

I sharpened his facial features a bit from the softer look he started with, giving it a bit of an edge and some narrow, calculating eyes. He may be on the decline after whatever undecided event scarred him so badly, but he’s still got that soldier/warrior’s look to him.

Because he’s got full burns across his face, I figured I’d do something to take the emphasis off of it. One of my favorite book series is Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s monster, named Deucalion, has a deformed and scarred face that he covers up with tattoos from a Tibetan monk. He’s already an abnormally large man, and he stands out with his damaged face, so he wants the tattoos to partially conceal it and give the eye something to look at, which I felt this full face tattoo did. Then I gave him a full, Nordic-looking beard and those dreads.

As a Templar, he’s basically a knight of the faith, and I figured he’d be in close proximity to people at least semi-regularly, so the idea would translate over well. The beard covers a lot of the damage on its own,and when he’s in the field and around people less familiar, an elaborate warpaint could be simultaneously something to take away from the fact that that side of his face is burned up and scarred, as well as provide something with lines and detail that you’d be focused on more than if there was just a hand-smear of grease.

So, basically, Jorgeir Stormblade is a young 30s Templar veteran of a past regional war, I’ve got him figured as his body became disfigured in the battles against some sorcerer, and after being almost killed, he’s become a lot more guarded and cautious of a man, quite cynical and jaded with life, and he attributes his continued existence after his near demise to the aid of the Gods, rather than to his allies who broke ranks and left him to his demise in a losing battle. He’s come home to live a quiet life to himself, living not far from the local temple, having a few good strong drinks now and then, and not really up to war and heroics like he was in his younger years, not really up to being an outgoing and public figure because he’s been deformed so much from war…

… And then the events of The Elder Scrolls Online come up, and he is in that plane of Oblivion at the start of the game for the tutorial as my character I’m going to use to take part in the Alliance War and complete the quests from ESO and finally get further than just the tutorial zones that I ended in last time.

I came up with all of this just because I was idly scrolling through the body marks looking at different options I could make for a Nord character and I can’t help but tell a story, even if it’s just in a picture of some guy’s appearance.

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