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ESO Live 2020-05-22 Art and LORE of Greymoor

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ESO Live 2020-05-22 Art and LORE of Greymoor
Today's ESO Live was brought to us from the homes of Gina Bruno (Community Manager), Jessica Folsom (Senior Community Manager), Leamon Tuttle (Loremaster) and CJ Grebb (Art Director). They talked about the art of the Greymoor physical Collectors' Edition, and answered lore questions. more »

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Podcast 42 -- The League Against Legends

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Quakecon 2018

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[image:34] Hello UESP readers, I am Xevins and I know y'all don't know me. That's alright though because I'm a thoroughly uninteresting person. QuakeCon 2018 has just ended and a lot of things have happened. The Legends Masters Series competition was… more »

BE3 2018 Recap

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  It's safe to say that nobody was quite sure what we'd see in this year's Bethesda E3 presentation.  There was plenty of talk about it, of course. Some had a pessimistic outlook, feeling that the last two years of E3 were a disappoinment.  Some were… more »

ESO Update 17 Data Mining (Part 3) Artaeum, Spiral Skein, Psijic Order, Jewellery Crafting and More!

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At the UESP, we are known for providing informative and well-researched content about�The Elder Scrolls�series of video games and presenting this on the�UESPWiki. However, this does not stop us from engaging in speculation of future�Elder Scrolls�conten… more »