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10 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

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There are a lot of articles and videos made about series, like the Elder Scrolls, in which some quickly Googled facts are thrown together into a list with some stock images with some randomly chosen memes overlaid. After considerable consideration, I decided to not make this blog entry one of those articles, by not doing that whole "Google" or "Facts" part. Thus, I present to you, 10 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

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More ESO: Morrowind Info!

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Today was apparently the press day for ESO's Morrowind expansion, because in addition to the first gameplay trailer, there were tons of interviews and articles revealing more information!

So here's the gameplay trailer:

So here's a compilation of all the new information revealed today (thank you to UESP member Circuitous for putting together most this list!), and links at the end to all the articles and videos.  Will there be silt striders?  What are battlegrounds like?  Can you only play Warden on new characters?   Find out the answers and more after the break:

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Alarra's Opinion: Crown Crates

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Elder Scrolls Online launched their extremely controversial Crown Crates this week. After having followed this on the PTS and deciding to give it a shot with some of the Crowns I still had sitting around, I thought I'd share what I think about it and my experiences with it.  I seem to have been particularly lucky, but the system definitely could use some major changes....


Did they really have to use Pacrooti?

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Damon's Adventures, number whatever

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Hiya, blog. It's been a good many months since I've written a blog post, and I figured I'd make one because I totally made one on accident by posting a picture of my new ESO character on the UESP Tumblr and I didn't want to share it with no context or comment.

By the way, if you haven't followed us on there, click that link and do so! Likelolwhat and I post content of some kind daily, ranging from the super serious like news, all the way up to silly things like gameplay pictures from us or others, fan art, etc. I reckon it's more active and more fun than the other social networking pages!

Anyway, I made those ESO posts back in June, and I literally stopped playing right after that, although not intentionally. Anyway, I've got the urge to deal with gaming with other people again, and I figured I'd make a new character, relearn all the controls and give it a fair go and get past the tutorial zones.

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Damon's Adventures: #ESOTU 1 - Character Creation/Tutorial

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“Three nations are vying for the Ruby Throne amidst the threat of Molag Ball's imminent invasion of Tamriel. The Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ebonheart Pact. I think they're fools the lot of them, losing men and women to fighting against each other for an old chair when there are greater things at stake!

“The High King of Skyrim has sent word across all the lands that loyal Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians are to return to their homelands and take up arms in the war between these three alliances. Am I a loyal Dunmer for answering the calls to defend the homeland, or am I a disloyal Dunmer because my homeland is Daggerfall?

“No matter what the Nord king and the Dunmer say, my home is in Northpoint. I was born and raised there, and I've never once set foot in Morrowind. I've never once prayed to ALMSIVI.

“I am Mathyn Aris, a Dunmer sorcerer from Northpoint, and I've answered the call to arms from King Emeric and the Daggerfall Covenant. May the Divines watch over me in this turbulent time.”
--Mathyn Aris' journal

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