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PAX East 2018 - Thu/Fri

  03:34:00 am, by Alarra   , 1923 words  
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Two days into PAX East 2018!  Several of us from the UESP are here for the weekend, and more are showing up for the Bethesda event on Saturday!   I figured I’d summarize my experience in case anyone was interested and wants to know what it’s like to… more »

Story-telling in Games

  04:11:00 pm, by Damon   , 1293 words  
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This blog post would probably be out of the norm for the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages blog, because this is about soccer games, not fantasy RPGs. However, this blog post is not completely out of the line, as far as I'd think blog posts go. Sure, it's… more »

Untitled Post (couldn't think of a creative name)

  01:24:00 am, by Damon   , 608 words  
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Alright, I'll say it. I came into The Elder Scrolls and UESP with Morrowind, I've looked at Morrowind more often than the other games, and the layout of the Morrowind namespace is something I'm absolutely in love with. If I could have my way, the entire… more »

YouTube Gamers

  04:27:00 pm, by Damon   , 953 words  
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I am back with a random blog post that I have created, because... Well, I was bored and this seemed like an interesting opinion article to write, based on my own experiences in the world of YouTube Let's Plays, both as a spectator and former content… more »

Damon's blogging again!

  01:13:00 pm, by Damon   , 602 words  
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Hey, people who read the blog! After a few months of doing some utterly unimportant things - making a tumblr account dedicated to my gaming (which will remain unnamed as this isn't a spam post), taking care of chickens, looking for a job, and doing… more »