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Editor ID vs. Base/Ref ID (i.e. Why Thieving in Morrowind Sucks)

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This is a question that's put past me every so often or that I end up explaining, so I decided last night that I'd start writing a post on this, as I had my cookies and milk and was managing my Chelsea FC save in Football Manager... Because my mind… more »

ESO News Roundup

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Earlier today, Elder Scrolls Online was released on Steam with a half-off sale which will run until the end of the weekend. Expect more ESO news out of QuakeCon shortly. Update 3 is due sometime in August, and is expected to be very guild-oriented. It… more »

Quick Beta Impressions

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My experience was very glitchy. Eventually, just trying to talk to people in Stonefalls or trading with a merchant would usually end with a reboot. Crafting was largely out of the question. Logins failed, I got trapped in areas I shouldn't have been abl… more »

Hacking the ESM/ESP Files

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If you obsessively read everything on UESP you may have noticed one or two cryptic posts like this and this lately. What are these ESM and ESP files, and why are Daveh, Nephele and I trying to pull them apart? Take a look in your Oblivion program… more »