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Alarra's Opinion: Crown Crates

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Elder Scrolls Online launched their extremely controversial Crown Crates this week. After having followed this on the PTs and deciding to give it a shot with some of the Crowns I still had sitting around, I thought I'd share what I think about it and my… more »

Alarra's Opinion: Why ES:Legends Doesn't Deserve The Hate (Yet)

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a mobile card game, was announced at E3 this year.  If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here you go.   As I said in my E3 post, I'm cautiously optimistic about it.  I'm open to the idea of an ES card game, though I know th… more »

AKB's Auto Korrect Blog: 20th Anniversary Blues

  11:15:00 pm, by AKB   , 965 words  
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You know what I hate? Complaining. Yes, I understand the intense irony of that claim, but it's absolutely true. I don't like complaining about things I don't like, I think it's unhealthy for the mind to be focused on the negative. So in a daring move to… more »

Attack of the Bots & E3 News

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The International Business Times released a couple articles on the "ESO Bot Plague" and ESO news from E3. ESO director Matt Firor wrote on the forums that the black market activity for the game accounts for about 85% of the customer service calls and e… more »

Is ESO Dead?

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Player complaints are surfacing that Elder Scrolls Online is "dead" (see Reddit). While exact figures are unknown, a substantial amount of players have let their subscriptions expire, the release of the Craglorn content was rocky, and players are findin… more »