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PAX East 2019 Recap

  08:59:00 pm, by Alarra   , 2831 words  
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A bit delayed for various reasons, but here's my recap of PAX East 2019: the expo hall and the games I got to try there, Bethesda's two-day event (including getting to interview Todd Howard himself!), and a little Boston sightseeing! more »

UESP Site Statistics -- April 2018

  12:59:00 pm, by Daveh   , 285 words  
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A couple of people at PAX East last weekend were asking about various UESP statistics so I thought it would be useful to make a post with some.    Wiki Visitor Stats Monthly Page Views: 15 million (500,000 / day) Monthly Unique Visitors: 1.5 million… more »

PAX East 2018 - Saturday (Bethesda Gameplay Day)

  05:23:00 am, by Alarra   , 1714 words  
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Bethesda Gameplay Day This is the second and final part of my write-up of PAX East 2018.  In part 1 - Thursday and Friday - I mentioned how I got a chance to have a casual chat with the creative director of the Elder Scrolls: Legends and try the demo of… more »

PAX East 2018 - Thu/Fri

  03:34:00 am, by Alarra   , 1923 words  
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Two days into PAX East 2018!  Several of us from the UESP are here for the weekend, and more are showing up for the Bethesda event on Saturday!   I figured I’d summarize my experience in case anyone was interested and wants to know what it’s like to… more »

AKB's Auto Korrect Blog: Correctly Guessing Future Games!

  03:50:00 pm, by AKB   , 335 words  
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That's Three for Three As I wait to be embarrassed by my previous prediction that the next Elder Scrolls game will be revealed on a very specific date, I'm going to raise the stakes on my previous guess by claiming I have successfully guessed what the… more »