News Roundup

The new dye system seems to be receiving a generally positive reception from fans.

Some payment complications have arisen for ESO subscribers which may force some to remain offline for a short time. ZeniMax is working to address the issue and has issued assurances that all affected players will get their full 30 days’ worth of playing time.

Update 4 has been promised for September (see the video below). Players will be able to continue the saga of Craglorn, this time in Upper Craglorn, where they will find a new Trial, group challenge, quests, difficulty modes, and the new Dragonstar Arena.

At Raptr, a PC online gaming site which publishes the top 20 games their roughly 22 million users are playing every month, ESO dropped from #8 to #20 from May to June, evidently due to the release of the new Wildstar, and fell off the list in July. TES V: Skyrim has shown the opposite trend: it was not in the top 20 in May, then jumped from #19 to #14 from June to July.


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