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Everyone, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally due to be unveiled to pre-order buyers in a few hours, and I'd like to leave a quick Public Service Announcement. UESP is the highest quality fan-based website related to The Elder Scrolls, and it's for good… more »
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So, a while ago, I posted why I felt like the story to Fallout 3 disappointed me. I know what the plot is, or at least have a really good idea where it's going (actually, I may have looked up online how it ended), and while the story as a whole was good… more »
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After watching the first of my two teams win the football game (GO BRONCOS!), I realized something. There are no sports in the world of the Elder Scrolls. Many games have some sort of fake sport that people talk about, but not in the Elder Scrolls serie… more »
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There's totally a nonverbal conspiracy where we all post updates together or within a few days of each other! Haha... Nah, not at all. There has been a lot of controversy regarding Master Neloth's reference to Indoril Nerevar's reincarnation being refe… more »
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As I have previously written, we don't get to see or hear about our hero very often after we controlled them. While I briefly touched on the issue with talking about what happened to the old heroes, I'm going to go into that a little more now, as promis… more »