The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Preview!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road is the eighth and newest Chapter of ESO, bringing back locations not seen since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It continues the story of Ithelia, the Forgotten Prince – a new Daedric Prince in Elder Scrolls Lore, discovered by players at the end of the Necrom Chapter.

Gold Road was introduced to us by Rich Lambert, ESO’s Creative Director, and then we had the opportunity to try it. Learn what we discovered at this amazing Preview event!

New Companions in the High Isle Chapter

This is the second of three articles detailing our experiences with an early version of the High Isle Chapter. In case you missed it, do look at our general introduction to the Chapter and discussion of new Quality of Life features which will be part of Update 34. Companions Not to be confused with the […]

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Elder Scrolls Miscellaneous

Blackwood Preview: Early Access


The Elder Scrolls 6 And Procedural Generation

A little while ago Todd said that TESVI would use procedural generation. The media has mostly read this to mean that it will be big, while many fans have interpreted it as “world is gonna be boring,” so I’m here to tell you what procedural generation can really mean for TESVI. Disclaimer: I have zero […]


5 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

There are a lot of articles and videos made about series, like the Elder Scrolls, in which some quickly Googled facts are thrown together into a list with some stock images with some randomly chosen memes overlaid. After considerable consideration, I decided to not make this blog entry one of those articles, by not doing […]


AKB’s Auto Korrect Blog: Family Matters

A Tamrielic Family Reunion One of my personal favorite aspects of Fallout 4 was the focus on your character’s family. While Fallout 3, did provide some context for who your character was, the game’s story sets out with you hunting your father, with your mother’s death setting off most of the events in the game, […]


The Elder Scrolls Legends beta

I figured this would be something to make, since it’s a TES-related post and I never write them. After not hearing about it for so long that I forgot it was a thing, that bizarre online card game called Legends has been publicly announced to be in a closed beta, with additional information and demos […]