The Elder Scrolls Legends beta

I figured this would be something to make, since it’s a TES-related post and I never write them.
After not hearing about it for so long that I forgot it was a thing, that bizarre online card game called Legends has been publicly announced to be in a closed beta, with additional information and demos coming at the gaming conferences this year.
It’s not a full-blown Elder Scrolls single player game, nor is it the multiplayer ESO, but after years of not having an interesting TES release, any TES release is a good release. Not that I am knocking on the premise of the game or on ESO, of course.
I’ve never been interested in such card games in the past, and I almost (almost!) want to dislike the game based on that alone, but being the loyal fanboy that I am, I’ve decided I’d sign up for the beta and give it a trial run.
There isn’t a monstrous load of information out at present, but information is coming out, and you can sign up for the closed beta at
The beta is under a non-disclosure agreement, so if you sign up, you are not permitted to disclose details about the beta.
Now, I just need to remember to check my emails. I check my emails so infrequently that, back during the NDA’d ESO beta I had actually been invited into the beta several times, but I didn’t realise it until the game was given the full release and cost money!
Speaking of ESO… I haven’t played it yet. I spent the money, bought the discs at the store, and I’ve not yet installed it. I really want to give it a run at some point, but the install will be so big, and I’m always overwhelmed by how much stuff there is and the fact that people are running around in my bubble and existing… Which isn’t a knock on ESO specifically, but on MMOs in general.

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