5 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

There are a lot of articles and videos made about series, like the Elder Scrolls, in which some quickly Googled facts are thrown together into a list with some stock images with some randomly chosen memes overlaid. After considerable consideration, I decided to not make this blog entry one of those articles, by not doing that whole “Google” or “Facts” part. Thus, I present to you, 10 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

Number 5

Did you know?
The Courier you encounter on your journeys in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will awkwardly wander away from the Dragonborn after delivering his parcel to the hero. Interestingly enough, this is NOT due to his rather busy schedule, or the asocial tendencies of the character. It is solely due to his crippling anxiety towards the Dohvakiin as despite the high number of deliveries made to the Hero of Skyrim, they have never once paid for a letter, let alone offered him a coin for a job well done.
Interestingly enough, no matter what, there is never an option to make amends to this hard working ally. Alongside the long scenes wherein the Dohvakiin goes on about why they do not tip to a waitress at an inn, and their rebuffing of servants they encounter when arranging meetings with contacts, confirms one of the few set character traits of the Dohvakiin of being kind of a jerk to the working class.

Number 4

Did you know?
Everyone knows the signature drink of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is mead, but did you know it was not always that way? The original script had the actors leave an audible space in their dialogue whenever they would say “mead”, with the intention of auctioning off the right to be the sponsored drink of the game to the highest bidder. After they failed to find any interested brands, the developers quietly settled on mead. This is also why whenever any character mentions mead, the voice actor and microphone quality mysteriously change to a tired game developer on a webcam.

Number 3

Did you know?
There is a rather well known time jump between The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion of around 200 years. But were you aware that in Oblivion, time exists? Despite details from Skyrim suggesting many bad things happen in Cyrodiil in those 200 years between the installment, if you wait out those 200 years to experience them for yourself, nothing will happen. Not even an offhanded remark to the sacking of half of the local cities will be made, or the return of dragons, or any other number of seemingly notable events. Shoddy programming, the reasonable expectation that no one would play their game for 200 years, or hints to something much more ominous? We will have to wait for the next game in the series to reveal to us the truth of the matter.

Number 2

Did you know?
Argonians are some of the most mysterious creatures in Tamriel. Even their naming conventions cause some confusion, with some using complex foreign syllables, while others names are more like descriptions of themselves in common Cyrodiilic. But did you know this is simply not the case? Interestingly enough, their name in Jel just so happens to correspond to some words in Cyrodillic that describes them. As bizarrely unlike as this is, it just always works out this way.

Number 1

Morrowind starts on the 16th of Last Seed, Oblivion starts on the 27th of Last Seed, and Skyrim on the 17th of Last Seed. There is no known significance of this trend. Kind of interesting though, right?

At this point, I must take a break and point out I actually researched that last fact, which was against the spirit of this project. To be honest, I was burning out three fact prior. As such, I’m going to cut this off at the head here, and say it is done.

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