Welcome to the UESP Blog!

Welcome to the first post on the UESP blog. A place where I, and possibly other UESP editors or Elder Scrolls fans, can talk about what is on our minds. I tend to be a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none” type so my desired blogging topics cover an equally wide range:

UESP — Running the UESP site has definitely been a trial by fire so I’ll try to pass on all tips and knowledge I’ve accumulated along the way for what they may be worth.
Gaming — I play a variety of games, not just Elder Scrolls titles (shocking, I know…), so expect discussion about what I’m playing as well a little bit about game development and theory. For all the games I’ve played I must be an expert, right?
Programming — I have programmed for both fun and work most of life so would like to discuss both the practice and theory of the topic.
Rants — Reading other blogs it seems one of their main purpose is to provide an outlet for the author to rant about things. I can only try to not disappoint in this regard.
Science — Both my education and work history have been science oriented and I’ve had a love of science since elementary school.
Hobbies — I have many minor hobbies, such as wood/metal working and ultimate frisbee, I may bring up occasionally depending on if I actually find the time to do any of them.

Besides all those wonderful topics if I do manage to regularly update the blog it gives me a chance to practice my poorly neglected writing skills. Since UESP moved to a Wiki based site (some 3 years ago now) I haven’t had time, or really the need, to write any actual content or articles. The editors and contributors to the Wiki have far surpassed anything I had originally thought of. I’ve been writing lots of code and shell scripts, which I don’t mind, but it feels good to be able to just writing ‘stuff’ again.

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