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We expect a movie critic to actually have seen a film's ending before giving a rating. Food critics who eat only part of their steak and skip the side dish altogether won't really know enough to give a review on their meal. Likewise, a major video game… more »
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Part three of my trip into Steam's Potato Sack sees the same formula as the last two. Three games; one I hate, one I like and one that comes in the middle. Killing Floor I suppose this might actually be quite a good game, but I hate it. The trouble is… more »
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Today's guest blog is by none other than long-time blog correspondent, r  . And an update, believe it or not, I've got my own blog planned to write. Crazy, right? I got the idea after reading the previous guest blog I posted and some of the co… more »
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I seem incapable of writing for myself, it seems. *sigh* I'll try and change that as soon as I can. In the mean time, yet another guest blog, this time by newcomer Tom10320. Oh and guess what! It's NOT Morrowind-focused this time!! Enjoy. -------------… more »
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It's time for another guest blogs, gents. This entry, as before, by Forum-goer r. Thanks for the thought-provoking and hilarious entry. You know, I think the Elder Scrolls games have to be the least beard-centric fantasy games ever made. And I honestly… more »