ESO Reviews in Progress

I generally ignore game reviews, but now that people with no financial incentive to mislead others have had a substantial amount of time to play Elder Scrolls Online, reviews which are at least theoretically unbiased are starting to come out. Judging from what I’ve seen, the general opinion can be summarized as “an inferior, money-sucking, half-completed beta of Guild Wars 2”. A few I’ve looked over:

Shoddycast podcast review & written review (bemused)

MMO fan (generally positive)

Gamespot (yawn)

TES gamer (irate)

Angry Joe review (take a guess)

Francis (lololol)

The upside is that it’s becoming more and more likely ESO will become free to play in the near future.

Edit- By the way, the final ESO boss fight can be viewed here. Spoilers, obviously.

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