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This is the Cactus speaking..

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My name is Ricky and I'm a Moderator over on the UESP Forums. I just thought I'd bring a touch of the forum life over here to the blog. I'm not even sure what that means, but it sounded good in my head when I signed up for this.

Oh, an introduction? Is that what you want?
Le'see, I'm called Cactus on about 90% of the internet and surprisingly by several people in the real world, too. I've been a member of both the wiki and the forums since September 2007. I'll admit I'm not much of an editor on the wiki, more of a reader, but I've fixed my share of typos. I've been a Mod since late 2008.

My interests, aside from video games, lie in writing and music. I've been writing since I was about 14 and I've finally gotten good enough I don't hate everything I write. I'm still too lazy though. I've been playing drums since 2004 or 2005. Until recently I was in a band called Optical Delusion. We released a single album in 2007.

I'm recently (and voluntarily) unemployed in preparation for a rather significant change in my life--I'm moving to Germany to continue my education and hopefully end up as an architect.

I love jumping on bandwagons and looking cool by mimicking others, so I'll share the games I've been playing recently since everyone else did. &#59;)

  • Oblivion:
    This is a rather recent addition to my "current" games. I was obsessed with it for over a year and it finally got old. A new Argonian assassin has rekindled my love for this beautiful game.
  • Fallout 3:
    This is an obsession that won't die. I've played through it so many times and just as the fire was going out, the DLC came out and I've been loving it all over again.
  • Spore:
    This is a really great game, I think. It really supports creativity. If you don't have it, get it. The expansions add quite a bit to the game, as well.
  • Sims 3:
    I could practically write a post on this game and the series in general. I've been absolutely obsessed with Sims games since I played SimCity 2000 on my first computer back in 1998. Since then I've played SimCity 3000, SimTower, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity, SimSafari, Sims (and all expansions), Sims 2 (and all expansions) and probably some others I've forgotten. It's like they've somehow taken drug addition and packaged it as a computer game. Truth be told I'm probably a bit more passionate, though less obsessed, with this series than Elder Scrolls.
  • Morrowind (Deutsch Version:
    In preparation for my move I've been playing this in German. It's.. not easy.
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Well, I would introduce myself, but I did that just last week over here...

Anyways, the UESP got a mention in the most recent edition of Game Informer (Issue #199) in an article called 'Lore Masters' that featured an interview with Kurt Kuhlmann, a developer over at Bethesda. When discussing The Infernal City Kuhlmann said the following:

"Bethesda also pointed Keyes toward well-organized fan sites like The Imperial Library and UESP.The author then had to submit a series of treatments for the company to page through before it settled on a story about a mysterious floating city...."

For me it is a really cool acknowledgment. I mean, the UESP is almost a shrine to the Elder Scrolls games, and to have the creators of those games tell other people we're a good source for information is one of the highest honors we could get.

Of course, calling us well organized might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, I'll take it.

I may need help...

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As you can see from the picture below, I may very well need professional help:

I decided a while ago to go ahead and order the custom plates and finally got around to getting to the driver's bureau and putting them on my car. Feel free to give a friendly honk if you happen to see me driving around Toronto.

Welcome to the UESP Blog!

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Welcome to the first post on the UESP blog. A place where I, and possibly other UESP editors or Elder Scrolls fans, can talk about what is on our minds. I tend to be a "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none" type so my desired blogging topics cover an equally wide range:

  • UESP -- Running the UESP site has definitely been a trial by fire so I'll try to pass on all tips and knowledge I've accumulated along the way for what they may be worth.
  • Gaming -- I play a variety of games, not just Elder Scrolls titles (shocking, I know...), so expect discussion about what I'm playing as well a little bit about game development and theory. For all the games I've played I must be an expert, right?
  • Programming -- I have programmed for both fun and work most of life so would like to discuss both the practice and theory of the topic.
  • Rants -- Reading other blogs it seems one of their main purpose is to provide an outlet for the author to rant about things. I can only try to not disappoint in this regard.
  • Science -- Both my education and work history have been science oriented and I've had a love of science since elementary school.
  • Hobbies -- I have many minor hobbies, such as wood/metal working and ultimate frisbee, I may bring up occasionally depending on if I actually find the time to do any of them.

Besides all those wonderful topics if I do manage to regularly update the blog it gives me a chance to practice my poorly neglected writing skills. Since UESP moved to a Wiki based site (some 3 years ago now) I haven't had time, or really the need, to write any actual content or articles. The editors and contributors to the Wiki have far surpassed anything I had originally thought of. I've been writing lots of code and shell scripts, which I don't mind, but it feels good to be able to just writing 'stuff' again.