Reoccuring Characters

Now that our lovely little blog has been given a face lift, I think it’s time that we get back to using it for its intended purpose, complaining about things that none of us have any control over.
Elder Scrolls games often have gigantic casts of characters. What makes this more impressive is that so many of those characters are unique, while generic NPCs are frequently used for the many random enemies in the wild, most people you can talk to have a name and unique lines. While a lot of the characters fade into the background (as they should, not everyone can or should be interesting), the humungous number of original people make it so that it’s easy to get attached to at least a few of them.  So why is it that each game almost entirely ignores the old group of characters, coming up with a new unique cast each time?
One of the weirder things about Elder Scrolls games is the almost utter lack of reoccuring characters.  There is a number of characters who make multiple appearances, but it’s not that many considering the hundreds of other characters that make up each game. Here is a list of some of the characters, Sinderion, Neloth (pictured), M’aiq the Liar, Dervenin, Umbra, Karstaag, Uriel Septim VII, Barbas, Mannimarco, Shadowmere, Elante of Alinor, Jiub, Ulfgar the Unending, Barenziah, Helseth, Lucien Lachance, The Night Mother  the Daedric Princes in general, but it’s kind of sad that I can name about three before I have to start relying on gods making more than one appearance in the game world as it’s pretty hard to make a larger list than that. I’m serious, try to name ten that are not divine beings. You could pad out the list with the likes of Movarth Piquine who appeared in a book that was featured in previous games before showing up himself

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