Revision History: RIP Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett, who recently passed away surrounded by his family, was a satirist of the highest caliber. TES fans probably know him best for his numerous internationally-renowned fantasy novels, but as I learned recently (thanks, Damon), many PC players also remember and celebrate his collaboration in the Companion Vilja mods for Oblivion and Skyrim (see here and here respectively). Anyway, he will be missed.

Level Up
On a brighter note: Shuryard has become the UESP’s latest Userpatroller! It’s definitely well-deserved; she’s quickly become one of the most prominent ESO editors on the site.

ESO Updates

Zenimax released The Tamriel Town Crier, Issue #7, and the latest installment of ESO Live was just uploaded here.

Edit- A quick breakdown of the ESO Live video, if you don’t want to invest an hour: they’re working on fixing Enlightenment issues for the next patch which are preventing some people from accumulating Champion Points. People really want their boob windows back. Reducing/removing shoulder pads was offered as a good way to make female characters appear more feminine, but they have no plans to delve into something like this at the moment. The new system for mounts has limited players’ ability to customize their mounts. Zenimax wants to reintroduce customization options, but there’s no immediate timeline. They’re looking into increasing XP rewards in certain circumstances, such as in PvP, and might have an update regarding this in about a week. There was some talk (in the chat) about a new bug which prevents players from getting on a mount for up to several minutes after combat ends, and hopefully that will be resolved (apparently, vampires are having trouble using skill drains, too). Regarding the Justice system: they’re in an observation phase for the time being, to see how people utilize it, but they have big plans to expand upon it in the future. For now, they continue to work on Orsinium – and the Imperial City.

News on Patch 1.6 is overwhelming; throw a rock and you’ll find something. It has also been overwhelmingly positive, though I’ve seen suggestions that latency issues in PvP continue to effect a lot of players, perhaps even moreso after the patch. If you’re having this problem, it’s unlikely you’re going to be doing any better when the mandatory subscription ends on March 17. But let’s hope it’s on the dev’s radar.

A Freaking Gold Mine
Following Patch 1.6 for ESO, fans have been “data-mining” like crazy. I don’t pretend to know exactly what it all entails, but I’m pretty sure it involves a Star Trek TNG episode where Mark Twain hung out with Whoopi Goldberg. Anyway, Daveh, Enodoc & Co. are steadily integrating the new icons, maps, etc., into the site.

Jimeee the Archivist, who recently completed a revamp of the Lore Library’s main page, has been adding new books like Ysmir the Forefather, Volume IV and The Oath of Light. This stuff is simply blowing my mind. The next three months might as well be a year. It sucks being a console peasant (hey, I can say that; that’s our phrase).

Rumors of the Spiral Skein is an older ESO book which we’ve somehow overlooked, but it’s available now. Legoless has moved the page for Mephala’s realm and updated it a bit. A good job, as always, but the thought of a Daedric Tower, and thus the potential for a host of other new Towers, is making my brain hurt. I mean, it’s been indicated that there are Towers we don’t know about, but Daedric Towers… ow.

Ark’ay, der Gott
Pursuant to this conversation, there’s a Daggerfall page now set up for Ark’ay, der Gott, the German version of Ark’ay, the God of Birth and Death. Apparently, under rare and unknown conditions, you could actually find a German copy of the book in the English version of the game! Talk about a collectible.

Recent Changes

UESP forum administrator Alarra has been busy adding amazing screenshots like this one. Among other things, she has also been helping to update our Names appendices with ESO info. The neverending goal: to document each and every name for every person of every race in the games. If you think that’s an easy project, I’ve got a Welcome template to add to your talk page. This is TES – documenting even something as straightforward as people’s names is a job which is way too big for one person. Help out if you can!

It seems Forfeit is hard at work on the Morrowind Overhaul Project, which is aimed at bringing the Morrowind namespace up to par with the namespaces for the more recent games. He recently polished up the page for Skyrim’s Deekus and filled out his schedule. I noticed talk page comments from 2013 suggest that Deekus is nonhostile to werewolves in Beast Form. There are dozens of unconfirmed bugs related to Beast Form, but if you’re looking for something to do with your werewolf in Skyrim and you haven’t already killed Deekus, stop by his camp when you’re hairy and see how you two get along.

I’m skipping over a bunch of stuff, but I’ll try to catch up next time. For now, I’ll just leave you with Lorebits from Lady Freyja. Mmm, Morrowindy.

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