Saturday with Snowmane #2 – The new ESO trailer

I’ll admit I was one of the skeptics at first when Zenimax Online announced that The Elder Scrolls Online was being developed. Bethesda spent nearly two decades making the most incredible and detailed single player RPG experience that I’ve ever played, and then I heard that it was being made into an MMO… It scared me.

I was (am) afraid that it would just become another WoW clone, and I would look for whatever way I could do to justify to myself a reason to not like the concept. However, as of late, as I’ve been looking around at the various released information and trailers about the game, I’ve been slowly warming up to the concept of at least trying the game out.

Take this latest trailer that I will post below, which was published to the Bethesda Softworks YouTube channel on the 22nd of January, for example. It’s a beautiful cinematic experience that’s very fast paced with just the right musical score involved.

The trailer opens up to a Nord group of warriors smashing down a wall and entering into a cavern of sorts where they are attacked by what appears to be werewolves before the scene changes to a large battle taking place on a large fortress either shrouded in fog or up high enough to be in the clouds.

The scene is quite intense and chaotic as man and mer fire arrows back and forth as the assaulting armies set up rope bridges to cross into the fortress for battle. The trailer ends with the Nord finally climbing out of the cavern the werewolves were in, only to find himself in an old west style standoff with the other alliance faction members.

If even half of the effort was put into the story as it was this battle sequence, I may have to give ESO a shot when it’s released. I’ve already signed up for the beta, that’s how excited the game is starting to look for me. Of course, signing up requires agreeing to an NDA, which means the beta players wouldn’t get to release details about the game if they are the ones chosen.


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