ESO Update 17 Data Mining (Part 3) Artaeum, Spiral Skein, Psijic Order, Jewellery Crafting and More!

ESO Update 17: Dragon Bones Datamining

We’re Going to the Summerset Isle!
At the UESP, we are known for providing informative and well-researched content about The Elder Scrolls series of video games, and presenting this on the UESPWiki. However, this does not stop us from engaging in speculation of future Elder Scrolls content—ESO, in this case. We have uncovered a huge trove of data-mined assets that suggest not only what and where the next ESO chapter will be, but some of its systems, famous characters, locales, and story, too. We will be showcasing our findings and subsequent speculation in a series of blog posts, dubbed ‘We’re Going to the Summerset Isle!’, a reference to the Vvardenfell datamine back in May 2016.

Everything shown here was data-mined from the recent Dragon Bones update on both the Live servers and the PTS. Because of this, everything is subject to change. That being said, we are fairly confident that the assets shown here will be used in the upcoming Chapter and subsequent DLCs. Here is the official word on data mining from ZOS:

“You are welcome to post about and discuss speculations and datamined discoveries. Just know that we don't comment on them, and anything datamined is subject to change or even removal. I would advise placing a disclaimer on anything you put on UESP that is a speculation or based on datamined discoveries noting as much.”
— Jessica Folsom, Community Manager (English) for ESO.
Read on to see what we have found about Artaeum, the Psijic Order, the Spiral Skein, Jewellery Crafting and more…

Note: This post contains major spoilers for the upcoming Summerset Chapter and subsequent DLCs.

Summerset Isle News Catch-up

A large amount of new data-mining has gone underway in the UESP Discord server over the past few weeks, so much so that what we uncovered would fill out a blog post in and of itself. However, in the interests of keeping this blog post from getting any longer than it already is, we have decided to briefly mention what was found in those files in this section.
There is a file in the game called .ZOSFT, which contains the file directories for the art files found in the game, including those hidden from the public release. We recently looked through this file, and found a lot more Summerset Isle assets, including loading screen art, cities, main quest location map files, texture files, models and more that were hidden from us on PTS. In this file we were able to determine the locations we will likely be seeing in the Chapter based on the file names of the loading screen art and map art. We've marked all of the cities that were data-mined for the Summerset Isle Chapter in the following image, taken from Arena:

All of the data-mined cities/towns appearing in the Summerset Isle Chapter.
To find out more about each of the specific cities, we encourage that you read our previous blog post on the Summerset Isle itself, where we delve deep into the lore of the cities seen on this map, and show off some of the previous assets we have found.
For those interested, you can find the Summerset map file datamine here. (Note, as the files were never on PTS, there are no images, just file names).

We also found a large amount of Sload information, including texture files, AoE affects, combat animations and models, which can be seen here.

Due to how our ESO Data Extractor works, it will sometimes extract files with numeric file names (such as 55432.gr2) instead of their alphanumeric file names. Because of this, we missed some Summerset dungeon assets in our last Summerset Isle post. As you may recall from our last post, we found two Summerset dungeon set files. Not long after publishing, UESP user FloorBelow found the entire set of these files, and managed to piece together some mock-up dungeon layouts using the dungeon sets’ assets.

A pieced together mockup of a Summerset dungeon, using the assets found in the files.

A ruined corridor looking up to a stairwell.

All of the Summerset dungeon assets that were data-mined from the unnamed files.

Additionally, new Auridon music has been added to the game as of the Dragon Bones update on the live server. It appears to be orchestral, in a similar style to ESO:Morrowind's soundtrack, which is what Brad Derrick (AKA “ZOS_SoundMaster” on the forums) said he would be working with on the next Chapter. This would seem fitting as a teaser of what is to come for the Summerset Chapter.

We have uploaded the new music for you to listen to, if you would wish to do so:
For the curious, we have also uploaded the most interesting strings from the files into several separate sections. There isn't enough room in this blog post to go over all of them, but we recommend you have a look at them regardless:
List of new .ZOSTF file dumps:

Summerset location files (Note: “SQ” indicates that we will go to that location in the Summerset Chapter Main Quest. Also, there are around 144 total Summerset Isle map cells. Vvardenfell only had 81. This means Summerset’s map will be quite large, 12×12 map image cells as opposed to Vvardenfell’s 9×9).

All new map/location files (Highlight: contains Evergloam, Artaeum and a few other interesting places).

All new Sload files (Highlight: interesting abilities of the Sload according to this datamine include: mental manipulation and mind blasting).

All new loading screen files (Highlight: contains the Crystal Tower, Sload Ruins, Mephala's Realm, Evergloam, Artaeum and the Dreaming Cave).

(Potentially) new Summerset creature combat animation files (Highlight: Coral Crabs, Dreugh, and Mephala herself).

Jewellery crafting related files

Summerset Prologue Quest – “Through a Veil Darkly”

“Vanus Galerion needs your help in this lead-in to the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online’s ongoing saga. Travel to hidden locations, search for the missing Oracle of the Wyrd, and discover a prophecy that could spell the doom of Nirn.” – Crown store tooltip text

There is a Summerset Chapter Prologue quest in the game files, named Through A Veil, Darkly. It appears to be mostly complete, and it is just waiting to be activated, presumably closer to the Chapter's release. It is also referred to in the game files as “SU Teaser Mephala’s Realm”, or “Glacier Teaser”.
The title of the quest appears to be a reference to the Bible quote “For now we see through a glass darkly” from the New Testament, or it could be a reference to the Oblivion quest of a similar name.
It is a free quest that can be accessed through the Crown Store or through each major city's Mages Guild. As with the The Missing Prophecy and Of Knives and Long Shadows quests, it foreshadows future content for ESO, in this case – the Summerset Chapter.
It involves you meeting up with Archmagister Vanus Galerion, the founder of the Mages Guild and friend to the Psijic Order. He contacts you through magical means, as a respected Oracle of the Wyrd has given a rather boding prophecy for the future of Summerset Isle and Artaeum – and she is said to have directly mentioned your player, by name.

Placeholder loading screen for the Spiral Skein part of the prologue quest.

You attempt to track her down through various places on Tamriel, and you eventually learn that she has been taken by Mephala to ancient elven ruin of Bewan, where Mephala is attempting to pull her into her realm of the Spiral Skein to learn the location of the mystical isle of Artaeum. You must then free the Oracle, and prevent Mephala from learning the secret of the location of Artaeum from the Oracle. Having her plot foiled by the player, Mephala then turns her eyes to the greater isle of Summerset, which is where the greater machinations of the Triad's plot will begin in the Summerset Chapter.

“The dark princes continue to circle Summerset like vultures around carrion. And they still crave Artaeum and its secrets. Your presence will play a pivotal role in the outcome. Good luck, my friend.” – Oracle Marieve, at the end of the quest

Artaeum – Lore

O sacred isle Artaeum, where rosy light infuses air,
O’er towers and through flowers, gentle breezes flow,
Softly sloping green-kissed cliffs to crashing foam below,
Always springtide afternoon housed within its border,
This mystic, mist-protected home of the Psijic Order: 
Those counselors of kings, cautious, wise, and fair.

– Mannimarco, King of Worms

Artaeum is the third largest island in the Summerset Archipelago, the home to the Psijic Order, Vanus Galerion and the great leader of the Worm Cult, Mannimarco. The Psijic Order is said to be the oldest monastic group of Tamriel, devoted to the study and practice of Mysticism, which they call the “Old Ways” or “Elder Way”.
The true location of the island has been a much kept secret for centuries. Some say that it is located “south of the Moridunon Village and west of the mainland village of Runcibae”. Others say the island “exists simultaneously in multiple dimensions and continuously shift either at random or by decree of [the] Council.”. Vanus Galerion the Mystic has recently said that “Artaeum doesn't currently reside on Nirn”.
Whatever the truth is, the island is so secluded, that visitors to the island are “rare to be almost unheard of”. It would truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this mystical island off of the coast of Summerset Isle, let alone in the flesh. A report in the Third Era said that “Over the past thousand years, only seventeen new initiates were brought into the order”. Perhaps our player will become one of those seventeen? Only time will tell.
Eyewitness reports as of 500 years ago (the last time the island manifested itself off the southwest coast of Summerset), have described the island as being filled with “Idyllic orchards, clear pastures, and misty woodlands make up the majority of the island’s terrain, along with a number of still and silent lagoons” and “unique architecture that appeared to be as natural as the countryside surrounding it.”
However, do not be fooled by Artaeum's seclusion, despite keeping themselves out of the everyday events of Tamriel, the Psijics are no stranger to interfering with Nirn in major ways if their island or way of life is threatened. The Psijics have not turned a blind eye to the current events of Tamriel. The Psijic Lilatha has recently said “There are… worrying signs. Portents that cannot be ignored. I fear that a Daedric threat looms over Tamriel. Nothing so crude and obvious as the Planemeld. No. It’s something hidden.”

Additionally, a recent report from an advisor to the Proxy to the Queen Ayrenn said the following:
“I have it on good authority that at least one prominent Psijic monk, the High Elf Lilatha, has made an effort to contact champions with a warning concerning the return of the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil. I shall endeavor to discover the reason for these reappearances and try to determine if they point to the return of Artaeum as well.
Our military leaders have expressed concern over these events. A number of our religious scholars have also expressed concern, as they appear to be evenly divided on the opinion as to whether or not the return of Artaeum (if indeed it has returned) indicates good portents or ill omens.
…if the return of the Psijics and the opening of the Clockwork City have any connection. It could be that something significant is brewing at a level well beyond our mortal concerns.”

Based on the signs, Artaeum may indeed one day soon return to the shores of Tamriel, to face the Daedric Triad threat.
Other than the beauty of the island itself, there are two particularly interesting locales on the island of Artaeum, the Dreaming Cave and the Ceporah Tower.

Ceporah Tower

A data-mined Ceporah Tower asset.
The Ceporah Tower is an ancient structure from a civilisation that predates even the High Elves by several hundred years. It is the location of the Dreaming Cave, which functions as a portal to all of the realms of Oblivion. During the last year of the First Era, (1E 2920), Sotha Sil himself used the Dreaming Cave to negotiate the Coldharbour Pact with eight daedric princes. This pact was designed to prevent further interventions in the matters of Nirn by daedric princes, and it is indirectly the reason for the Daedric Triad's existence. The exact terms of this pact are unknown to most inhabitants of Tamriel, however, the Psijics of Artaeum surely know.
The tower itself is so tall that it reportedly rises above the Isle. The Ceporah tower now serves as the headquarters of the mysterious Psijic Order, and is frequently used by the Psijics in some of their rituals.
The Ceporah Tower has historical significance to the Psijics and the Mages Guild, as Vanus Galerion first confronted the necromancer Mannimarco about his obsession with necromancy and soul-trapping under it. It was this confrontation that directly led to the founding of the Mages Guild. 

The Dreaming Cave
Under Ceporah Tower, there is a cavern called the Dreaming Cave. This place allows the user to travel between daedric realms, and allows the ability to safely return. As previously mentioned, Sotha Sil has used it in the past, in order to orchestrate the Coldharbour Pact with eight daedric princes. However, other notable figures who have used it include Ritemaster Iachesis (the current leader of the Psijic Order, and mentor to Vanus Galerion since he was 11 years old) and the future leader, Loremaster Celarus. We will surely find out more about this mysterious location when we go there in the Summerset Chapter.

Psijic Order

A modern (4th Era) depiction of a Psijic.
Early on in Tamriel's history, a small group of Aldmer rebelled against the beliefs of Summerset, and left the Isle for the small island of Artaeum. This small group then became known as the Psijic Order. Safely away from the judging eyes of the Isle, the Greycloaks of the Psijics were then able to continue the Old Ways of Aldmeris. Here they have remained ever since, devoting their study to the practice of Mysticism, or the “Old Ways”. It is interesting to note that these beliefs were very unorthodox at the time, hence their exile from Alinor.
The Psijic Order today, however, is said to said to serve the rulers of Summerset as counsellors. The Order is consists of mostly elves, however, they are known to accept other races as well. The Psijic order choses its members through a “complex, ritualized method not understood by outsiders”.
The Psijic Order is generally considered by many as one of the most powerful organisations of mages in Tamriel's history. It is suggested that the powers they have come from the many years of practicing the Old Ways, as it is the manipulation of nature itself, rather than using magicka. 
Known abilities of the Psijic Order are stopping time, long distance teleportation, controlling the weather itself and communicating telepathically with other minds, often miles apart. It is said that whenever the Psijic Order does not wish someone to land on their island of Artaeum, “The island and all on it become insubstantial”. They also have the power to move the Isle around at will.
The Psijics have also been known to practice pig breeding on the Isle of Artaeum. They were the ones who originally bred the intelligent Psijic Domino Pig, which is apparently so intelligent it can count to five and recognise its own name.
Anyone who is interested in meeting with this reclusive order may be able to find contacts in the mainland towns of Potansa and Runcibae, among the many other kingdoms of Summerset Isle. 
The Psijics are governed by a body called the Council of Artaeum. The Council is lead by a single Psijic, known as the Loremaster, or Ritemaster. In ESO's timeline, the current Ritemaster is known to be Ritemaster Iachesis.
Artaeum & Psijic Order – Datamining
In addition to the hints given to us in the Of Knives and Long Shadows and Through A Veil, Darkly quests about travelling to Artaeum and seeing the Psijic Order, we also now have datamine evidence that not only will we be seeing Artaeum in the Summerset chapter, but we will also be seeing it in its full glory as a DLC sized zone. Additionally, it seems we will be also joining the Psijic Order themselves as a guild, and along with it, we will be getting an entirely new Psijic Order skill line and potential Psijic Class.
The only physical asset we have of Artaeum is the tower asset of Ceporah, however, thanks to the .ZOSFT datamine mentioned at the beginning of the post, we can now see the file directories of a lot more Ceporah and Artaeum based assets.
We will start with the Summerset Chapter, as we will be going to a section of Artaeum in the main story of that.

Artaeum Assets:

What appears to be assets for the Dreaming Cave, in Artaeum, under Ceporah Tower.

Loading screens and map files for the oblivion realms we enter via the Dreaming Cave.

Loading screens for Artaeum itself, and the Artaeum Vaults, presumably where the Dreaming Cave is located.


Various Ceporah Tower textures.

Lens flare textures, specifically for Artaeum. Some Summerset buildings in lore are described as “a hypnotic swirl of ramparts and impossibly high towers, designed to catch the light of the sun and break it to its component colors”.


The map files for Artaeum island itself, there are 25 map cells in total.

The “blob” hover effect files for both Summerset Isle zone and Artaeum zone. Notice that it says Artaeum will be in the “aubus”, this means that Artaeum will be a full zone in the Aurbis ring, like Clockwork City. Could this mean we will be seeing Artaeum as a DLC? Or perhaps we will see the entire zone added with the Summerset Chapter?

Psijic Order Skill Line/Psijic Class Assets:
In the most recent ESO update, it was made such that any guild skill-line related exp you earnt while doing guild quests would show up in the loot window on the bottom right of the screen. Every guild has its own icon to go with the exp notification, for example in the following picture, you can see someone handing in a Dark Brotherhood daily quest. As you can see, it says that the player has earnt 10 exp in the Dark Brotherhood faction skill line, and shows a Dark Brotherhood icon.

New UI for earning guild skill line related exp.

All of the new reputation icons for faction/guild quests. From the left, the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Undaunted, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and finally, the Psijic Order.
What is more interesting, however, is the icon on the far right. This icon was added in the same patch as the new exp system, which is the Dragon Bones update on live. The icon itself is called “”. This strongly hints at the Psijic Order not only being a joinable guild in future, but also having their own skill line.
There is also potentially evidence for a new Psijic Class. We know that Chapters will have large systems, such as classes, and Morrowind, obviously, had the Warden class and Battlegrounds. Assuming that Spellcrafting will come with the Summerset Chapter, then it could be possible we have an additional class, as well. There appears to be assets pertaining to a new Psijic Class, in a similar name and format to the Warden promotional assets:
See the picture above, the “warden” icon appears to have the file format of “store_CLASSNAME_upgrade”. The warden icon is the only file to have this exact file name format, and is only ever used for the Morrowind warden promotional material in game.
In the .ZOSTF datamine, there is another filename of similar format, except with “Psijic” as the class name. There is also a Summerset Chapter header image file, as you would expect from a chapter in the chapters section of the crown store, its name is as follows:

This could be promotional material for a Summerset Chapter, with a Psijic Class as one of the reasons to buy the chapter. (This could also equally apply to a Psijic Skill line instead, however, historically, DLC guild skill lines such as Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild have had differently named guild icons)
There is also further evidence of a player's Psijic combat abilities and skills in later files, presumably used for a Psijic Class, or a Psijic Skill line. These also appear to be active abilities, instead of passive ones.
Psijic Skill Line/Class related:
The Psijics' famous time stop ability, as shown in Skyrim.

This is rather vague, but this could be an Overwatch-like Tracer “rewind” ability, where you travel a few seconds back in time in order to heal wounds, and perhaps reset ability cooldowns.

What appears to be a Psijic healing ability.

Perhaps a spell to regain attribute after a while?

We're not sure what these are, if you have any idea please tell us!

(Maybe) Psijic Skill Line related:

Treasure map of some description, to find “Tears” in various areas around Tamriel? (Or perhaps, these are just Psijic treasure maps purchased using the Collector's edition of the Summerset Chapter?)

In addition, we have also found evidence that the next Crown Crate Season will be based around the Psijic Order:


Other files include Ritemaster Iachesis's animation files, confirming we will likely see him in the Chapter or an Artaeum DLC.


Spiral Skein – Lore

Mephala. Webspinner. Queen of the Eight Shadows of Murder. These are all names for the Daedric Prince of Lies. Her spheres are of sex and secret murder. She does nothing without purpose, and perceives all of the Aurbis as an interconnected system of action and consequence. Pluck one thread and the rest shall fall, this is how Mephala sees Nirn.

It is said that Mephala values arcanum above anything else. Hermaueus Mora may believe that knowledge is power, but Mephala only concerns herself with the “choicest morsels: knowledge secluded, undisclosed”. If this is true, then this would explain why Mephala is after the Isle of Artaeum, as it likely holds many secluded secrets.

Spider Daedra are the servants of Mephala, often taking the form of spider-humanoid centaurs, with a naked upper head, torso, and arms of human proportions, mounted on the eight legs and armored carapace of a giant spider. These minions are so fierce and irrational that few sorcerers are willing to summon or to bind such creatures.

Mephala is believed by the Dunmer to be one of the Three Good Daedra, alongside Azura and Boethiah, for acknowledging the divinity of the Tribunal (Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec). Even though they are likely not to be deemed good by our standards, the naming is subjective to the Dunmer, as these Daedra were considered good by them.

Meanwhile, the Daedra who tempt worshippers to heresy are known as the the Rebel Daedra, or the House of Troubles (Malacatch, Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, and Sheogorath). Acting as predecessors, or “anticipations”, to the Tribunal, the Three Good Daedra were essentially usurped by the Tribunal, who proclaimed themselves as Gods.

It is said that Mephala has many domains in Oblivion, most of them obscured. They are said to be collected together by ghostweb. That said, none of her realms are more dangerous as her realm of the Spiral Skein (Also known as Mephala's Realm). Its inky tendrils are said to “stretch out in every direction, seducing pilgrims and prey alike–claiming them with a cold, chitinous embrace.”.

It is also understood that the realm is metaphysically constructed in a similar manner to Nirn's Wheel. In the centre is the Pillar Palace of Mephala, the Tower of the realm. Its real name is unknown, as it is simply too awful to be uttered.

Like a web, there are eight spokes spun around the centre of the realm, the Pillar Palace. This strands are also known as the Eight Strands of the Skein. Each gap in-between the Strands are devoted to a seperate terrible sin:

The First is a: “cavern of plinths and pedestals. Each is a lie, for they pretend to hold up the sky—and the sky is the greatest lie of all.”
The Second are: “the chambers of envy, for compared to the cavern above they are cramped and confined, and therefore they hate the cavern.”
The Third is described as: “grottoes alluring and seductive, for their walls and ceilings glow like a million stars that sing a song of love. But the glowing lights are maggots, and the song they sing is decay.”
The Fourth are: “tunnels of fear, for they are eternally dark, and where there is darkness, there is dread.”
The Fifth are: “the halls where fair is foul and foul is fair, and every belief is a betrayal.”
The Sixth is: “the arena of murder, for ever shall betrayal be followed by murder.”
The Seventh are: “the arcades of avarice and appetite, for contained therein are all things mortals would kill or die for.”
The Eighth is: “the flaming skein of fury, for as death comes to all mortals, therefore all treasures are lies.”


“This is the Spiral Skein. The tower is One. The strands are Eight. The lessons are Forever.” – Rumours of the Spiral Skein

Saying that the Spiral Skein is a nasty place is an understatement, and one thing is for certain; Mephala is an extremely dangerous enemy, and she is no doubt pulling the threads of the Daedric Triad plot behind the scenes.
Spiral Skein – Datamining

Based on the sheer amount of Mephala's Realm assets, we believe that Mephala may be the kingpin of the entire Daedric Triad plot. Quite a lot of Spiral Skein assets and information have been datamined, so we will split up what we found into sections.

Summerset Prologue Quest

We've already gone into detail on the specifics of the story of the prologue quest at the beginning of the post, however, this section will go into more details about the datamined files themselves. We will start off with the Prologue quest, as it has quite a few Spiral Skein related assets in it.

Map file for the small section of the Spiral Skein you go into, to rescue Marieve.

Placeholder loading screen for the Spiral Skein part of the prologue quest, it appears to be structured the same as the map, shown above.


The pinions you have to destroy in order to free Oracle Marieve in the Prologue Quest.


The cocoon that Oracle is stuck inside in the Spiral Skein.

Summerset Chapter

Among the various other daedric realms we will be visiting in the Summerset Chapter, Spiral Skein appears to be one of them, as per the files below.


These files indicate that we will be going into the Spiral Skein via the Dreaming Cave in Artaeum in the main quest of the Summerset Chapter. Additionally, there are four Spiral Skein maps which will be used, implying that there will be multiple subzones.

Additionally, a large amount of Mephala animations were found, which seem to imply that we will be seeing her face to face in the Summerset Chapter, as well as potentially fighting her. Those animation files are listed below.


These seem to consist of walking animations and various attack animations. Interestingly, some of those files can be found in the Live/PTS versions of the game. In particular, the Mephala backpack files. The main model appears to be mephala's back legs, presumably intended to attach to the back of her body, and be able to move independently with various animations. Some of the animation files do exist on PTS, however we could not get them to play.


Among other famous faces we will see in the Summerset Chapter, Darien Gautier will be one of them. We found numerous files that indicate not only will Darien return, but he will also potentially help us in the later acts of the main quest.


Many “SS” (Summerset) animation pose files for Darien, as well as an animation for where Darien gets attacked by a spider.


According to this, Darien gets trapped inside a “Pulling Web”, which we will presumably have to rescue him from.


These files sound like Darien's sword will get taken from him, and he is forced down to his knees.

We at UESP believe that Darien will return as an Auroran, as Darien is in Meridia's service after the main quest, and we were told in the Clockwork City DLC that there would be a “Golden Knight”, in the Summerset prophecy told by the Grand Prognosticator.

Future Spiral Skein DLC Zone

(Skip to 3:08)

It is worth noting that the following files have been in the game files for a while. However, the files we are showing have mostly been seen in the 2015 teaser video, embedded above. Based on the amount of Mephala/Spiral Skein assets we have uncovered for the Prologue/Chapter quests, and how intertwined Mephala is to the Daedric War storyline, we believe it is likely we will be getting a Spiral Skein DLC this year, with these assets included.


A tileable wall asset that will likely be used for the Spiral Skein's main city's walls.


A ruined tower asset that will likely be used around the Spiral Skein.


The wayshrine that will likely used in the Spiral Skein zone, with a Spiral Skein dungeon door asset for scale. This asset was also seen in the 2015 teaser video.


A very large, partly ruined, bridge asset, which can also be seen in the above video.


A large domed room with eight exits, presumably used in the inside of a dungeon in the Spiral Skein.


A spider themed door, presumably used in dungeons/buildings in the Spiral Skein (This asset was also used in the Cradle of Shadows dungeon, however, since it took place in the Spiral Skein, it is likely we will see this asset again). The model also comes with animations, linked below.


A decently sized Spiral Skein gazebo asset. You can see this partly in the above embedded youtube video.

Another Spiral Skein tower asset.

What appears to be an entrance to the main Spiral Skein city.

A large statue, depicting the Daedric Prince Mephala.
Jewellery Crafting

As of now, you can only have so many combinations when working with crafted sets, as you can’t make crafted jewellery. However, this may be about to change in an upcoming update, as assets relating to jewellery crafting have been datamined from the Live server. This will allow people to run whatever trait they like, with another set of choice. (For example, you will be able to make Hunding’s rings).As per the data-mine files per the top of the post, there appears to be three main materials for jewellery traits:

This also could be linked to the three main jewellery traits currently in the game (Healthy, Robust, Arcane).
In addition, there are five other materials:

We believe these will correlate with the White/Green/Blue/Purple/Gold quality tiers of items. Finally, it looks like there will be separate jewellery crafting stations in towns and cities, based on the new icon files in the .ZOSTF datamine:

It is possible that we get a Jewellery crafting station in one of the upcoming DLCs, similarly to how the Transmute station was in the Clockwork City DLC.

That wraps up this post, which is most definitely the longest part of this series. Thank you so much for the comments and feedback we received from our last two posts, and we look forward to hearing what you thought of this one!

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