Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood Celebration Event – The Lore and Stories of the Relics on Kari’s Hit List

Akaviri Armistice Banquet Tray

‘Fashioned from armaments in a symbolic gesture of peace, it spilled enough drinks at the Grand Moot to nearly dissolve the pact.’

Likely created after the Second Akaviri Invasion, this banquet tray was ‘fashioned from armaments in a symbolic gesture of peace’. This invasion by the Akaviri nation of Kamal was what laid the foundations to the Ebonheart Pact alliance, as it united the previously hostile Argonian, Dunmeri, and Nordic peoples under one banner to fight against a common enemy. The invasion was quelled, not without cost though, as Jorunn Skald-King’s mother and sister were both killed in the sacking of Windhelm. It was the combined efforts of the Nordic Greybeards and Ash-King Wulfharth, the Dunmeri troops who answered to Almalexia, and the elite Argonian phalanx of Shellbecks under the command of Heita-Meen, which proved effective in combating the invading Kamal forces. The banquet tray embodies this unlikely alliance, forged from the equipment that probably belonged to each of these factions.

Burial Mannequin of Calarthor Camoran

‘Made to stand in for Calarthor’s body, lost in the fight against the Colovians, but unused when he turned up lost in the woods.’

The Camoran Dynasty is one of the earliest known dynasties in Tamriel and very prominent in the region of Valenwood. During the events leading up to the time of ESO, Aeradan Camoran was crowned king and joined the Aldmeri Dominion to help fend off the Colovians from the north. Speaking of who, seems to be the very people who Calarthor, a member of the Camoran family, was fighting and subsequently lost in battle to. However, luckily for Calarthor, after being found in the woods, the burial mannequin is no longer needed.

Coronation Decanter of Prince Naemon

‘Crafted to commemorate Prince Naemon’s ascent to the throne. It bears the cracks of a violent impact.’

Commissioned by Naemon himself for his coronation, while he was anticipating to ascend the throne of Alinor. However, this was not to be. After King Hidellith passed away in 2E 580, Ayrenn made a return to the Summerset Isles, just as Naemon was preparing to become king himself. He supposedly enjoyed the conventions and traditions associated with being heir and he studied the Royal Ceremoniarchy for nearly ten years to ensure that he was well-suited to rule. Upon Ayrenn’s return, she was named heir in her father’s stead. Thus, later becoming queen, much to the disappointment of Naemon.

Divad Hunding’s Dribble Bowl

‘Allegedly held under Divad Hunding’s chin by an attendant as he quenched his fierce desert thirst. Stained with wine, or blood.’

The only son of renowned Ansei, Frandar Hunding, Divad was a Ra Gada hero. Despite turning away from the Way of the Sword at an early age, it was said that he practiced the Way of the Spirit Sword (or Shehai Shen She Ru). This manifested itself when he was arrested by the guards of Yokudan Emperor Hira, who began persecuting the sword-singers. When one of Hira’s guard struck and killed Divad’s mother, the Way was ignited in Divad, as he transformed his binding chains into weapons and slayed a few of the guards before making a prompt escape. Eventually becoming his father’s advisor and soldier, he convinced Frandar to wage war against Hira. Later, Divad defeated the goblinkin of Hammerfell, making the region safe for the great Ra Gada migration, which earned Divad legendary status amongst the Redguard people.

Hairball Spittoon of Darloc Brae

‘Kept handy for the Golden Beast for his post-battle grooming rituals. It has a faint acrid smell.’

Now in possession of the Mages Guild, this pot supposedly belonged to the Golden Beast of Anequina, Lord Darloc Brae. The most famous Khajiiti ruler of the First Era, he commanded the Anequine Conquests, which resulted in a mass expansion of territory for the kingdom. Seemingly, an individual who appreciated art and creativity, as not only did the loot acquired from his campaigns contribute to architectural projects, but the Golden Beast also partook in post-battle grooming rituals!

King Dumac’s Royal Latrine Cloth Roll

‘Originally believed to be a banner of the Dwarven royal house of Red Mountain, it was taken down after the error was discovered.’

Dumac Dwarfking is known to history as the last ruler of the Dwemer before they mysteriously disappeared. Together with Indoril Nerevar and the union between the Chimer and Dwemer clans, they pushed the Nords out of Morrowind. Both cultures flourished under this union, however their friendship eventually crumbled centuries later. There are conflicting accounts of the event, but it is said that Dumac met his end at the Battle of Red Mountain, which subsequently led to the disappearance of the Dwemer.

King Farangel’s Unpublished Ode to Wayrest

‘The disjointed scribblings of an epic ballad about the beauty and wonder of Wayrest, purportedly penned by the king himself.’

King Farangel was a member of the Gardner dynasty and became the first king of Wayrest. It was granted the right to call itself a kingdom only after it started to accept ambassadors from the Camoran dynasty. He was supposedly a terrible poet, even if he is to be considered a good king. The Mages Guild currently keep Farangel’s work archived in their libraries.

King Jorunn’s Automatic Cheesewheel Vivisector

‘This Dwarven crescent blade is the central component of Skyrim’s one and only machine powered cheese slicer. ‘

Currently undergoing repair at the Windhelm Mages Guild, this antique blade of Dwemer origin was commissioned by King Jorunn himself for his next banquet, after he smashed it into a centerpiece. It is doubtful that the Dwemer had the same use in mind for such an item as slicing cheese. It is surprising that the Madgod Sheogorath has not added this peculiar relic to his own collection of artifacts! All jokes aside, it is without question that the Dwemer made giant advances in technology, which has often gone unmatched since their disappearance. Specialising in machinery, steam, and geothermal power, the Dwemer have created airships, mechanical observatories, and lighting systems which function for centuries without maintenance. Many of the other races in Tamriel have tried to crack the genius behind their creations, usually to no avail.

Prince Hubalajad’s Trash Urn

‘The prince’s funerary urn became the final place of rest for letters about his unpaid debts in the failing years of his legacy.’

Prince Hubalajad, or “Prince Hew”, was a Yokudan noble who attempted to colonise Hew’s Bane, following the initial Ra Gada landing in Hammerfell. He was known to be a very unlucky ruler, having to deal with floods and debt, there is even a Taneth expression for wasting money, which goes: “laying foundation with Hubalajad’s coin”. It also seems like he enjoyed his fair share of extravagance, having built not one, but two great palaces. The second of his palaces built was the Princely Dawnlight Palace, which is said to have been built solely to better catch the light of the morning sun – you can even purchase this palace for yourself soon as a player house, so keep an eye on the Crown Store!

Princess Rayelle’s Half-hearted Love Letters

‘Unenthusiastic overtures to King Emeric’s good looks and virility, written at the behest of her father.’

Rayelle, Princess of Shornhelm, was the daughter of the crazed King Ranser. Ranser declared war on High King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant when he married Maraya, daughter of King Fahara’jad, instead of Ranser’s own daughter – Rayelle. Ranser was evidently desperate for Emeric to marry his daughter, and felt betrayed after Emeric disregarded the plans of marriage to pursue Maraya over Rayelle. Although, these letters suggest that Rayelle herself was not all that interested in Emeric, and it was Ranser who pushed this pseudo affection from behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Ranser’s War was what laid the foundations for the Daggerfall Covenant as it is at the start of events in ESO. Before, it was an alliance of Breton kingdoms in response to the Reachmen threat, but the war presented the opportunity for the Orcs of Orsinium to assault Shornhelm in retaliation for the toppling of Orsinium 135 years earlier. The Orcs remained allied with the Breton kingdoms, which has since been dubbed the Greater Daggerfall Covenant.

Raven Direnni’s Inflammable Rug

‘Purportedly one of the first magical items created after the famed mage discovered the principles of enchantment. ‘


Shaman Chirah’s Devotion Shovel

‘Believed to be a blessed instrument of Z’en, the Kothringi christened many endeavors by breaking ground with this shovel.’


Treethane Niriel’s “Living Plant-Wear” Book Set

‘”Flourish with a Flourish,” foremost authority on Bosmer zoetic fashion, inscribed on live flora. This printing has dried out.’


Tuneless Harp of Fiirgarion the Bard

‘Given to Fiirgarion at a rigged competition for best entertainer in Valenwood, where he famously took first prize.’


Yokeda Sesnit’s Paperweights

‘These were vital to preventing the vast inventories of the Elden Yokeda’s conquests from spilling about his chambers.’


Ysgramor’s Sload-skin Wine Sack

‘Slick and elastic, this wine sack can distend to many times it original volume. Few can stomach using it, for many reasons.’


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