Peter Hines on the ESO Subscription

Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Peter Hines, made some comments earlier regarding Elder Scrolls Online, which, if you’re looking to buy, will cost you roughly $55-$145 USD depending on where and what edition you purchase. See here.

I thought some comments related to the monthly $15 subscription fee required to keep playing the game after 30 days were remarkable. But I’ve done enough remarking lately. So I’ll just leave it to Hines and let you fill in the gaps:

“If you don't like the game, of course you're not subscribing to it […] You get the game, you get your first month …”

“[If] for example, you love Skyrim, you played it for 125 hours, but after three or four weeks you were done, then you can do the exact same thing in Elder Scrolls Online.”

“You can buy it, play the hell out of it for four weeks and go ‘Eh! I'm done. I did everything I wanted to do […] now I'm out.' Then you're out.”

“The initial purchase is exactly the same as any other PC game because you don't have to pay for the subscription until your 30 days is up.”

“If there are ten million subscribers after a month, then [I don’t have to worry]. If I have just ten people playing the game, then that's a different scenario and we'd have to do something […] In between there are literally a billion different possibilities […]”

“I don't see us learning something that's like ‘we never saw THAT coming!’ We do so much testing. But I don't know. I think it's TBD.”

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