The Witches Festival has Begun!

Tamriel’s answer to Halloween is back! The Witches Festival has returned to The Elder Scrolls Online until November 3rd at 10:00am EST.

During the event you will earn double xp when you use the Witchmother’s Whistle memento. If you don’t already have it, you can grab the quest starter from the Crown Store and finish the quest.

This year there are a ton of rewards you can receive by defeating any boss monsters in the game and opening the “Plunder Skulls” they drop. In them you might find:

  • Hollowjack style items
  • Dremora style items
  • Witches Festival-themed recipes
  • Witchest Festival-themed furnishings and furnishing recipes
  • Bewitching Alchemy reagents 
  • and pieces for the new Throwing Bones momento

As well, the first boss you kill each day will drop a “Dremora Plunder Skull” which can include Dremora Motif pages, Festival Crafting Writs, Outfit Style Pages, and more.

To make sure you collect all the various motif pages you will need to defeat specific kinds of bosses. Luckily the ESO website team has provided a breakdown for us that you can see below:

  • Final Arena Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Bows and Legs
  • Dark Anchor, Geyser Bosses, Craglorn Focus Points, Harrowstorms, and zone Dragons drop Dremora Motif pages for Daggers and Gloves
  • Delve Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Staves and Belts
  • Final Dungeon Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Helmets and Maces
  • Public Dungeon, Imperial City Bosses, and Quest Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Shields and Boots
  • Final Trial Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Swords and Chests
  • World Bosses drop Dremora Motif pages for Shoulders and Axes

We hope you enjoy this years Witches Festival! If you want to learn more, make sure to follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, or check out the article on the wiki.

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