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I’ve recently returned from an extended work trip to Mexico and thought I’d continue my delayed blogging with some statistics on the UESP web site.

Daily Hits = 600,000 — About 95% of the site’s traffic is from the Wiki with only about 2% from the various maps, 2% from the forums and less than 1% from everything else. Currently this blog is only getting about 100 views per day, which my being away for 2 months probably doesn’t help. Note that during this summer the average daily hits were much higher at around 800k with it reaching near 1000k on the weekends. Weekends always have 10-20% more traffic.
Daily Visits = 80,000 — The typical user of UESP views around 10 pages per visit.
Users with Ads Enabled = 70% — The average daily number of ads served is currently around 400,000 compared to overall average daily of 600,000.
Number of Servers = 6 — While 6 low-to-mid end dedicated servers may be a little overkill for a site of this size it is better to have enough capacity to support unexpected spikes in traffic along with the usual site growth.
Daily Bandwidth = 120 GB — Relatively low for a site with this much traffic mainly because we’re content focussed and don’t have any downloads to worry about. Some of that traffic also includes inter-server communication.
Database Size = 5.5GB in 7 million records — Most of the database is from the Wiki which is just under 5GB in size with 2.5 million records. By size, most of this is taken up from the Wiki’s text table at 4.4GB.
Database Queries = 100/sec — The database server is currently at 690 million queries over 81 days of uptime. About 60% of queries are read-only SELECT queries.
Currently Longest Uptime = 287 days (content2/3) — In general the servers are very stable running CentOS and typically don’t require any regular reboots or maintenance (luckily). All of the issues and downtime that have occurred have been due to incorrect settings or user error.
Server Cost = 300$/month — I haven’t updated the exact monthly cost since I changed to cheaper servers with a 24-month contract this summer, but its likely in this neighbour. The nice thing now is that all 5 purchased dedicated servers are on a 24-month contract which means not only cheaper overall costs but also no web server fees are due until August of next year (although it will be about 2500$ when that time comes around).
Number of Files = 270,000 — Many of these, 160k, are the UESP Wiki images and thumbnails and about 80k of the remaining 100k are map tile images. This count only includes files serving the various web pages and files. Total number of files on content1 is 575,524.
Oldest Files = Dag992.faq — The version of this Daggerfall FAQ is dated 24 August 1996 although the original text FAQ was started around two years earlier in the fall of 1994.
Alexa Traffic Rank = 14,406 — While the overall accuracy of Alexa can be questioned it is still a useful tool to compare a site’s relative rating. The highest Alexa rank we’ve had was ~6000 in March of 2008. It is also nice to know we rank 644 in Kazakhstan.
Average Time on Site = 11 minutes — The average time is about the same for both the Wiki and forums with the maps averaging a lower 5 minutes.
Most Popular Browser = Firefox (47%) — IE is next at 37% followed by Chrome (6%), Safari (6%) and Opera(3%).
Users with more than 100 Visits since August 2009 = 60,000 — I’ve only had Google Analytics enabled since August 2009 but the traffic trend has most visitors with 1-2 visits (35%) followed by another group of regulars who have visited 10-100 times (32%).
Traffic from Search Engines = 66% — Most of the site’s traffic originates from search engines, primarily Google, with “Oblivion Wiki” being the most popular search term (10%).

I’ve always liked statistics in general (for reasons I’ve never thought to consider) and if I had more time there are myriads of more stats from the site I’ve love to compute and collect.

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