The Elder Scrolls Legends beta

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I figured this would be something to make, since it's a TES-related post and I never write them.

After not hearing about it for so long that I forgot it was a thing, that bizarre online card game called Legends has been publicly announced to be in a closed beta, with additional information and demos coming at the gaming conferences this year.

It's not a full-blown Elder Scrolls single player game, nor is it the multiplayer ESO, but after years of not having an interesting TES release, any TES release is a good release. Not that I am knocking on the premise of the game or on ESO, of course.

I've never been interested in such card games in the past, and I almost (almost!) want to dislike the game based on that alone, but being the loyal fanboy that I am, I've decided I'd sign up for the beta and give it a trial run.

There isn't a monstrous load of information out at present, but information is coming out, and you can sign up for the closed beta at

The beta is under a non-disclosure agreement, so if you sign up, you are not permitted to disclose details about the beta.

Now, I just need to remember to check my emails. I check my emails so infrequently that, back during the NDA'd ESO beta I had actually been invited into the beta several times, but I didn't realise it until the game was given the full release and cost money!

Speaking of ESO... I haven't played it yet. I spent the money, bought the discs at the store, and I've not yet installed it. I really want to give it a run at some point, but the install will be so big, and I'm always overwhelmed by how much stuff there is and the fact that people are running around in my bubble and existing... Which isn't a knock on ESO specifically, but on MMOs in general.

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Story-telling in Games

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This blog post would probably be out of the norm for the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages blog, because this is about soccer games, not fantasy RPGs. However, this blog post is not completely out of the line, as far as I'd think blog posts go. Sure, it's not about a Bethesda game or a game review, but it does offer forward insight into the roleplaying aspect of a game, I'd say.

Why am I making a blog post about Football Manager, then? How many gamer geeks like me who can tell more about Tamrielic history than our world's care about a niche soccer game where you look at spreadsheets and budgets? Probably not a lot, but humor me and stick around to the end, because I want to challenge the notion that there are some games that don't offer forward any value as far as story telling and emotionally driven narration go. With the right creative mindset, anything can tell a story if you want it to and slow down to truly enjoy the experience.

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All hail the Overseer!

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Citizens of Vault 069, it has been a long time since you've been graced by the company of your beloved Overseer. We were only together for a brief three or four days after the founding of our majestic home on the 13th Day of August last year (damn my being unable to afford an iPhone on my paycheck and having a superior mobile device). It has been a long time since we saw each other, and I must apologise for my departure. However, I bring you good news, because over the last seven months, the good folk at Vault-Tec have updated the Vault's central operating system numerous times, and we now have additional ways to make our lives tolerable and focus on improving our beloved vault.

Therefore, it is with great news that I am pleased to… Oh for the love of God! I was working on this opening speech to my vault citizens as Fallout Shelter downloaded to my phone. It turns out I didn't make a cloud save of the vault, so when I deleted the app from my phone because the initial release got quite boring after the four or five days, it deleted my vault. Therefore, I must make a new vault!

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Damon's Adventures #3 - At the Summit of Apocrypha

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to what will probably be the last post of the Adventures series, as it was supposed to be a series of "first impression" posts for the three Skyrim expansions.

In my last update on my Skyrim save, we witnessed the death of the Skaal shaman at the hands of Hermaeus Mora to fulfill his deal to get the Skaal's hidden knowledge in return for the power to kill Miraak. And then, of course, we left Solstheim to find a dragon soul to unlock the last word of Bend Will with, we faffed arounded for a bit, and now we are back to finish the job!

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Rollerblading Tag Artists

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I haven't updated my Adventures series in Dragonborn because I haven't been home to finish the game on the Playstation 3. I plan to get some play time in in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I've been playing laptop games... Mostly Football Manager, which I talk about on my own dedicated FM blog, because managing a virtual version of an English soccer team seems like a bit of a niche thing that wouldn't fit in too well on here. And I serialise the posts and do season by season updates meaning there are a load of posts that  nobody here would want to see and it would just dominate the blog.

I saw that Sega dropped a couple of free games on Steam, which will be free until the 20th. Normally, I redeem freebies and never actually play them, just because I want to have them, but one of them caught my eye: Jet Set Radio, a game set in a Japanese town where you're a rollerblading graffiti artist with a tagging gang that battles another one.

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