Damon's blogging again!

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Hey, people who read the blog! After a few months of doing some utterly unimportant things - making a tumblr account dedicated to my gaming (which will remain unnamed as this isn't a spam post), taking care of chickens, looking for a job, and doing other stuff - I have decided I missed posting on the blog and needed to come back and love you guys!

I haven't really got anything interesting to say, though I plan to just start riffing for a few minutes and hope it comes out as an intelligent(ish) posting, so here it goes:

I missed all of E3, however I made it a special point to catch the presentation for The Sims 4, and I am really, really bloody excited for it! It looks like an all around improvement on the franchise!

For me, personally, the build video that was released a few weeks ago on the Sims YouTube channel is my favourite piece, because while I love building, I absolutely loathed the building system in The Sims 3. I have never been able to make houses precisely how I want them, because I have to do so much minute tweaking with an interface that, in all honesty, isn't the most ideal and intuitive part of the game. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrible, but it's certainly not the most ideal arrangement that could be done. The new click and drag tweaking that has been introduced to the Sims and building modes looks incredibly clean and doable, in addition to the other tweaks, such as the ability to click and drag to move whole rooms, clone them to reuse elsewhere, etc.

In other news, I've been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I've had it on my MacBook since 2011 or 2012, but I've not actually played it much. The game is clunky (but that's to be expected given its age), the graphics are poop, and the cars move like paper planes in the wind, but it's got a fun story and it's fun to explore and shoot up a fictionalised Miami... And sell what I assume is cocaine out of an ice cream truck to make money. Gotta get the kids addicted early, right? The earlier they start, the more years they have open to do it than if they started as middle-aged men!

All joking aside, drugs are bad.

And, there are no children present in Vice City... In fact, the only underage children in the Grand Theft Auto franchise are Mary-Beth an infant who looks like a pixelated burrito when she's always wrapped up in that blanket in Vice City Stories - and Jill Von Crastenburg, a child celebrity who is only ever referenced, and not actually encountered.

Anyway, Vice City is still a pretty fun game, though I haven't beaten it yet... Or ever, for that matter. I typically only do a handful of missions and then just run around. For instance, I have a save on Grand Theft Auto IV and on San Andreas, and each save gott just far enough to have the entire map explorable, then I just explore, drive cars, and cause trouble. It's pretty fun, although I need to do some missions for the Rasta dude who keeps text messaging me, because Niko is almost out of money for guns in GTA IV.

Anyway, I've become aware that I say "anyway", like, way to much. Just like those people who, like, say "like" a lot, which really annoys me. I'll be back to talk some time in the future. I'll try not to go many months without a post again. Love you all! 

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Todd Howard Interview & ESO Update

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GameStar, a PC gaming magazine in Germany, recently sat down with Bethesda Game Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard. The twenty-minute interview largely focuses on discussing The Elder Scrolls. Topics include Germany (home to the second-largest TES community), game development and platforms, the trend toward open-world games, and how TES III: Morrowind saved the company.

Edit- Also, on their blog, Zenimax just revealed that the launch content for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of ESO will include most if not all of the updates they release between now and then, including Craglorn. They also discuss some other improvements to the game they are planning.

The new 1.1.5 update to ESO implemented a host of minor quest bug fixes; see here.

Attack of the Bots & E3 News

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The International Business Times released a couple articles on the "ESO Bot Plague" and ESO news from E3. (edit- See comments; IBT is apparently rehashing a dated issue here)

ESO director Matt Firor wrote on their forums that the black market activity for the game accounts for about 85% of the customer service calls and emails they've received, and that they've been a little slow to dampen down bot activity. He apparently blames the "huge influx" of feedback about the black market activity for their slow response in dealing with the matter.

So, they haven't had time to make progress against bots, but Zenimax did find the time to make and release another trailer for E3. As far as I know, it doesn't really highlight new content, it's just a general "come see how good we look" E3 trailer (for a game which was released two months ago? Wut?). Turns out I didn't know far enough (wow, that phrase is a disaster). The video apparently focuses on content for small PvP battlegrounds.

The console releases are still expected in late 2014 or early 2015.

Is ESO Dead?

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Player complaints are surfacing that Elder Scrolls Online is "dead" (see Reddit). While exact figures are unknown, a substantial amount of players have let their subscriptions expire, the release of the Craglorn content was rocky, and players are finding it more difficult to find people to play with and enjoy their experience. Gaming commentators are starting to talk openly about how the game can be saved, which never bodes well.

I'm reminded of the comments of Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Peter Hines. I can't help but think that they are now facing a "different scenario" which is going to require some compromises on their end.


The next update is supposed to be available around June 23, so I guess we'll find out in about two weeks what the master plans are for the game moving forward.

Interviews with Emperors

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Zenimax Online has a series of interviews planned with those who have claimed the Ruby Throne. The first was released a few days ago, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out the interview with Emperor Morkulth, Savior of Heaven, Inspiration of Faith and Safeguard of Justice, Blessed Be His Holy Name, etc., etc.