Quakecon 2018

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[image:34] Hello UESP readers, I am Xevins and I know y'all don't know me. That's alright though because I'm a thoroughly uninteresting person. QuakeCon 2018 has just ended and a lot of things have happened. The Legends Masters Series competition was… more »

BE3 2018 Recap

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  It's safe to say that nobody was quite sure what we'd see in this year's Bethesda E3 presentation.  There was plenty of talk about it, of course. Some had a pessimistic outlook, feeling that the last two years of E3 were a disappoinment.  Some were… more »

Pete Hines and CVH answer fan questions about changing developers for The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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On May 31, Bethesda made an announcement that came as a shock to the Legends player base: development of the game is being handed off from the current studio, Dire Wolf Digital, to a new and relatively unheard-of team called Sparkypants Studios. Knowing… more »
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UESP Site Statistics -- April 2018

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A couple of people at PAX East last weekend were asking about various UESP statistics so I thought it would be useful to make a post with some.    Wiki Visitor Stats Monthly Page Views: 15 million (500,000 / day) Monthly Unique Visitors: 1.5 million… more »

PAX East 2018 - Saturday (Bethesda Gameplay Day)

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Bethesda Gameplay Day This is the second and final part of my write-up of PAX East 2018.  In part 1 - Thursday and Friday - I mentioned how I got a chance to have a casual chat with the creative director of the Elder Scrolls: Legends and try the demo of… more »