Review of The Hero's Guides to The Elder Scrolls Online

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  The Elder Scrolls Online team has recently announced that from now to July 6th, if you buy the Hero’s Guides to the Elder Scrolls Online from the Bethesda store, you’ll get one free month of gameplay of Elder Scrolls Online with it.   The Hero’s Guide… more »

The Selectives Lorecast

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This recently-started podcast series focuses on the finer points of TES lore. The first focused on discussing the Unreliable Narrator, that annoying/wonderful little dilemma which makes editing the lore section absolute hell. The second was just upload… more »

Why Oblivion's Main Quest isn't up to par

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I'll cut to the point for this post, as I've got nothing particularly interesting to add to it. I was playing some Oblivion on my brother's Playstation for the first time in forever, and I remembered why I never play Oblivion, but still am madly in love… more »

A Review of ESO's Customer Service

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It was the morning of April 4th.  I’d played the ESO betas, and was looking forward to getting started with my real character at launch.  After creating her and pulling my lovely Imperial Edition and preorder bonuses from the mail, I was ready to… more »

ESO Update - Veteran Dungeons, Console Progress, & Raptr Stats

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The recent blog from Zenimax discussed veteran dungeons and gave a preview of Crypt of Hearts content. According to GamingBolt, ESO creative director Paul D. Sage revealed that they already have ESO running on consoles at 30 fps and are making strides… more »